PREVIEW: SWE Uprising and the Trident of Doom 29/03/14

SWE Uprising Preview
March 29th 2014
Ardler Complex, Dundee

SWE Heavyweight Championship
#Scumbag” Ian Ambrose © vs “Local Hero” Joe Hendry

A rematch from last months Uprising where Ambrose escaped through nefarious means with the SWE Heavyweight Championship. Can he do it again or will Joe Hendry claim his first major singles title and cut short the Scumbag Era?

#1 Contendership to the SWE Heavyweight Championship
Martyn Stallyon vs The Jackal Jay Costello vs Damian O’Connor

The Beast from Belfast returns from suspension and having his rematch to the SWE Championship taken away from him he is back competing to become the number one contender. The Jackal has been on a roll lately, can he capitalise on his current winning ways? Some say that Martyn Stallyon is the uncrowned SWE Champion, putting in breath-taking performances month after month. He has tangled with Ambrose before, could a rematch be on the cards with the richest prize in SWE on the line?

Debbie Sharpe vs Kirsty Love

SWE Siren Debbie Sharpe steps into the ring with the debuting Kirsty Love. Love is no stranger to wrestling, having competed all over the UK and beating some of the best around. This will be a tough challenge for the always improving Debbie.

LJT Little Johnny Trouble vs “The Butcher” Scott Renwick

The high-flying LJT and a merciless Butcher clash. Renwick has had an axe to grind lately and will looking to take out his frustrations on LJT.

“The Lowland Superstar” Glen Dunbar vs Kevin Williams

A rematch from last months Uprising where Williams made Dunbar tap out. Can Williams button mash his way to victory again, or will “The Lowland Superstar” pull the plug on Williams’ momentum?

“Sideshow” Jam O’Malley vs Chaz Phoenix

Chaz Phoenix has been a dangerous man lately, taking out his anger on anyone that comes in his way. Jam will have his work cut out for him if he wants to get out of the ring alive.

Claymore & Scotty Riccio vs Christopher Saynt & Jackie Polo

Saynt is determined to get onto the winning path in SWE and his tag team partner for the evening isn’t a man who likes to be disappointed, Scotland’s BEEEEEEST Professional Wrestler Jackie Polo. This has the potential to steal the show.

Steven Magners vs One Member of The Trident

Magners enters the ring not knowing who he will face, all three members of the The Trident offer something different in the ring. The Trident destroyed Mr News last month, Magners will be fighting to make sure he doesn’t suffer the same fate.

Bravehart Chooses His Personal Assistant

Four candidates, all after the same opportunity to work under SWE Owner Bravehart as his PA. The war of the words over social media comes to a head. Tam, Amy, Esther and Billy (yes, that’s me) tell the Ardler Complex and Bravehart why they should be his Personal Assistant.

The first guest for SWE Hell for Lycra XI will be announced on the show also.