OSWtv Meets…Drew Marshall

Interview From March 20th 2014

What drew you to professional wrestling and were you a fan growing up?

Hey man, thanks for having me.
For me growing up wrestling was the main sport for me, hearing tales from when I was younger, my mum said it all started when I was 2 years old, and I was hooked after watching my first ever match (HBK vs Bret hart, first ladder match) I grew up with 2 older brothers who also watched wrestling on TV or they had tapes and with me being the youngest I was their wrestling dummy and them having lots of tapes and figures it just kept the interest building and building, my mum says she had bought me over 20 of the old WWF Hasbro wrestling ring as I kept breaking them with the figures, so yeah I was a fan growing up almost straight from the get go haha, my Dad on the other hand (God bless him) wasn’t a fan of wrestling, he used to say “yer di use tae make me watch this s***e every Saturday morning and noo I need tae watch it wi you”. It was all I was interested in, all my school essays where about wrestling or made up story lines which believe it or not but if it wasn’t for my made up matches and storylines I would have failed school completely, in my teens I was bullied all throughout high school because I still wore WWE shirts and talk about wrestling with mates during lunch breaks, at least once a week I went home with a souvenir of a burst lip one week to a black eye the next week right up until I left school so I guess you could say I was 100% hooked.

When did you decide that being a wrestler is something you wanted to do?

For me it wasn’t as easy as once I’ve seen it I want to be a wrestler, it wasn’t as easy as that, to begin with it was like something out of a cartoon, these larger than life men yet I’d never seen anyone of my size in the ring, until Christmas 1994 my brothers bought me the WWF Hulk Hogan wrestling buddy (which I had right up until I was 17) and that was me, as a kid I always said I wanted to move to Calgary, Alberta Canada to train in the Hart Dungeon with the Hart Family. I even started a little fund to help me get to where I wanted to be by selling the small rubber wrist bands 4 for £1 which did result in a no bad wee amount of cash haha, when I was 12 years old I had heard from a friend that there was a training school in Kirkcaldy, Fife.

You were trained by Kid Fite, what was it like under his tutelage and was there anyone else you learned from and that helped you?

[The training school in Kirkcaldy] was run by Mike Musso so in the month of November 2004 I started training with the W3L in Kirkcaldy, Fife. Eventually moving to Cowdenbeath (which is my hometown) and I trained with them till 2007 and moved on to the SPWA in East Kilbride and within 2 months of training at SPWA I was picked along with another 8 fellow trainees were picked to represent SPWA in a W3L academy vs SPWA Battle Royal in my debut match if you’re counting rumbles, training with Musso wasn’t my best training although during my time at W3L there were different trainers e.g Carl Conroy, Alan Grogan, Dave Madison and Liam Thomson but I wasn’t progressing as I was the youngest trainee at the age of 14 and mike was more for the bigger lads, yeah he’s (Musso) due credit for bringing me in to the business but training under Kid Fite was where the majority of my knowledge came from and where the doors begin to open in numerous places. While I was training with Ross he took a shine to me cause I was this little 15 year old boy who just wanted to fit in and be one of the boys and I traveled down South and all around Scotland with Ross when Fight Club first came about with Kid Fite and Judge Jimmy James and being on the road you learn so much because your sitting there with your jaw on the floor and your brain rattling just by listening and being a sponge. I was thrown in with the big guys like Lionheart, Wolfgang, Johnny Moss, Johnny Saint, the list goes on, if I could go back to the SPWA days I would in a split second.

Who are your biggest influences in wrestling?

As a fan my biggest influences were Shawn Michaels, Randy Savage and most recently Dolph Ziggler, as a worker and actually getting to meet all the different people in the business my biggest influences are Noam Dar, Ricky Knight, Zak Knight, Kid Fite and most of all one person I am privileged to call my mum of my big wrestling family, a woman who has taught me so much in such little time and that being Sweet Saraya Knight.

Do you have any favourite matches that you have competed in or opponents that you enjoyed facing?

I don’t rate my matches like most wrestlers do but I have enjoyed working with Lionheart, Brad O’Brein, Falcon, Lou King Sharp that’s just to name a few.

Where can we see you next?

You can next see me defend the SSW tag team title against whomever Charles Boddington puts against me and Muzlem at Bathgate Regal Theatre on the 29th of March tickets still available.

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Thank you Drew for answering our questions.