OSWtv Meets…Xtreme Chris Bang


When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

Remember it like it was yesterday! And like the old saying catchphrase my mum was flicking through the channels and it was superstars of wrestling on sky one and it was demolition in a tag match and seen a powerslam and was hooked! That was my moment at the age of 4! To this day there’s always moments that keep me hooked into the world of pro wrestling.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

Always wanted to perform but seriously considered it when I was 16 and felt if there was anything I can do and do it well was pro wrestling! I started looking for schools and it was my friend who recently started with the SSW who suggested I go there so in 2006 I started training with the SSW being trained by Murray Stevenson and haven’t looked back since! Murray has helped me a lot developing me in the ring and my character The Xtreme Chris Bang and really owe my career to him.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

Stone Cold without a doubt, his timing and presence with all his promos was unbelievable! His ECW stuff was off the chart and I became an instant fan of him! The way he delivered his king of the ring promo was awesome and felt that every word he said he meant it! Also Hulk Hogan of course as a kid. In the UK scene every guy I worked with was an influenced and help me become a better worker in the ring! I’ve been honoured to work with Joe Coffey, Prince Devitt, MVK, Muzlem, UK Kid, Matt Cross have influenced me in the ring! Enjoy watching Grado, Lionheart, Damo and Kid Fite as well.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

Matches that stood out for me was against my brother Jason, it was my debut match and the trust and respect between us felt so special to me! Scott Renwick in my hometown of Craigshill was one of my favourites in the main event with the crowd levels and the magic we produced in the ring will forever be in my heart! Muzlem is another favourite, love being in the ring with him and enjoyed the hard hitting style he brings! The match I had with Matt Cross was another favourite as he taught me so much and had no problem being in the ring with a west Lothian wrestler like myself meant so much! The match I had with Coffey and Devitt in the tag match just sharing the ring with them meant so much as for me stuff like that is what you dream off!  Also matches with Damo as well as he taught me so much and I’ve always respected him!

What have been your highlights so far in your wrestling career?

Winning the SSW title was something special to me, that week I lost my uncle and I dedicated that win to him, going into the event to cash in my title shot against Muzlem and to do it for my late uncle meant so much! Getting to defend the title against Matt and UK Kid where also highlights of mines! Winning the SPWO UK title as well against my brother was another highlight of mines as it was my first title that I had won! Sharing the ring with Matt, UK Kid, Devitt, Coffey and MVK where also highlights in my career!


Chris is making his first appearance with SSW for the first time in over a year so you don’t want to miss it! Doors open at half 6 at the Bathgate Regal 26th April 2014, for details go to www.sswwrestling.com

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