OSWtv Meets…Steve Robertson

The man behind Rock N Wrestle, Steve Robertson answers our questions.

What made you decide to start Rock N Wrestle?

Rock N Wrestle was originally designed to be a one-off event in Inverness combining live rock music with wrestling an idea that was put together by myself and PBW owner Ross Watson. The feedback from the first event was enough to convince me that we should do more events.

Not only does Rock N Wrestle offer hard hitting, in ring action but you guys also have a radio show. Tell us a little more about that.

As mentioned Rock N Wrestle was only meant to be a one off wrestling event but Stuart Thain (who now produces the Rock N Wrestle Radio Show) and myself threw out an idea to North Highland Radio when they were launching that they should have a weekly radio show focusing on wrestling chat and rock music. Toby, who I also play with in Toby Michaels Rolling Damned, was immediately who I thought of to co-host the show with me as he’s a natural entertainer and, like me, his two main passions are rock and wrestling.

There has been two Rock N Wrestle shows at The Ironworks in Inverness with the second show being a sell out, are there plans to move away from The Ironworks for future shows?

No plans to discontinue a relationship with Ironworks in regards to Inverness but we are looking at doing more events in other parts of Scotland.

What has been your highlights so far with Rock N Wrestle?

I’ve enjoyed seeing Toby learn the hard way that you don’t challenge wrestlers and especially don’t slag off Jack Jester! Having some of Britain’s top wrestlers such as Kris Travis, Liam Thomson, Wolfgang and BT Gunn mix it up with international talent such as Davey Richards, Joe E Legend and Sonjay Dutt has been a real treat and something I never thought I would see in Inverness!

You’ve had big names appear at your events already with Davey Richards, Joe E Legend and Ricochet to name a few. Who would be your dream guest for a future Rock N Wrestle show?

So many names that would be a dream but from the top of my head Jeff Hardy, Tommy Dreamer, Adam Cole, Kurt Angle and ACH would be amazing!

Can you reveal when or where the next Rock N Wrestle show will be?

All going to plan we will be announce a very well known wrestler taking part in a Q and A event in Inverness very soon. Our next PBW event sponsored by Rock N Wrestle show will be announced at 9pm on Saturday May 17th and we are delighted at the guests we have for this show!


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