OSWtv Meets…Donnie T

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

I remember being really young, must have been between 4 or 6. I was a Hulkamaniac as a child, I remember having one of his VHS’s I’d watch and even the toy. My two of my cousin’s and I would wrestle. I could remember two moments being young that stick out, I remember when Lex Lugar bodyslammed Yokozuna after many had failed. I thought as a child that was amazing, also British Bulldog and Bret Hart’s match for the Intercontinental title. Not sure to be honest, I think for a while as I got older I stopped watching till my Auntie got Sky for the first time and Bret Hart was on the King of the Ring and got jumped by Jerry Lawler I started watching it then. Then again a few years later as a teenager it was the Attitude Era so The Rock and Stone Cold plus I used to watch WCW and ECW when they were on TNT and Bravo, I think as I got older I just put it on again I can’t even remember what made me enjoy it again could have been Rob Van Dam or John Cena.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

Well I wanted to be a wrestler at a young age, I was only in first year I remember the teacher saying to us to look up the internet for future jobs. I was paired up with two friends and I wanted to look up professional wrestler, one boy said you’re an idiot and the other maybe look up stunt ment for him but they just thought you’re living in a fantasy world and that was that . I was about 18 or 19 when I started training, the person that actually got me into it which a lot of people get surprised at, was MC Tommy. I remember he was doing the same course in college as my friend and we would meet up now and again play some pool, talk about things; wrestling, girls, etc. He said to me in his voice, which makes me laugh and love him for, “you should be a wrestler” to which I replied “I know mate I wanted to when I was in school but there was nowhere to go” he took me to my first show so I could meet the wrestlers and trainers and find out about training. I remember Jack Jester talking to me at the show about what training would be like and how it would go what I would learn and I was happy to know I would train as a professional wrestler. I started training when it was just BCW and one of my memories was a seminar on my second week of training by Iceman and Spitfire, I had Jack Jester and Wolfgang holding my arms with Iceman and Spitfire holding my legs and throwing me in the ring to land on my back was fun times. I remember leaving due to a little beef and the school got shut down, safe to say I was gutted. Then again one day MC Tommy introduced me to his friend at a bar he was meeting for a chat and chill who happened to be a wrestler called Kid Fite. We got on like Timon and Pumba and became friends. A short while later Kid Fite had opened another school and I started training again. A few times we changed venues to train in and I would still train with Kid Fite. But when I was about 23 I got into a bit of trouble and I was away for 5 years. The whole time I’d be working, doing things, went through things, you know usual things a guy would do; go hit a club get a drink, maybe a few fights, checking out girls, seen hurtful deaths but all part of growing up. Time was passing, then last year at one of my best friends stag do he had a chat with me knew what I was going through said, you know you love wrestling you always talk about it but never go back you have to do what you love so seven days later I returned to the PBW Academy after 5 LONG years and I’ve never been happier to be back with my family away from family.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

I’d say like every young boy it would have been guys you watched on TV, for example, for me from different eras Hulk Hogan and Ultimate Warrior to Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels to Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock and from RVD to Randy Orton, but if you put aside the guys from TV, my trainer Kid Fite has always believed in me, the man’s like my big brother, you feel me? and I owe it to him to prove I can be one of his best students and felt like I walked away from my best mate and it will NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!

Also there’s three other people that I have become close with one is Merissa Fraser who is a fellow trainee, who’s like a sister to me. Scott Maverick, who in a short time has become my best friend and treats me like family, like a brother, like an uncle to his kids and who always tells me am going to do fine. Of course my tag team partner Lou King Sharp, who has become my wee brother and from day one or two, always believed in me and tells me I can be something big.

Do you have any favourite matches or opponents that you have worked with?

I’d have to say teaming with Lou King Sharp as part of GTA (Greatest Team Around) has been my favourite experiences as there’s no better feeling to be in a ring with your best mate and brother.

Also I got to team up with Kid Fite in a tag team match against Tommy Marx and Brendan Cooper, which to me was a lot of fun getting to team up with my good mate, big brother and trainer all in the one person. I’d also say as I started out at first as a bodyguard for a few matches, the first was for Dave Krycek (again thanks to Kid Fite for the opportunity) my favourite match would have been being bodyguard for Saqib Ali and Lou King Sharp against Tommy Marx and Brendan Cooper at BCW was a fun crowd and a great atmosphere. In fact I’d say Tommy Marx and Brendan Cooper I’ve worked the most in matches and I’d say as fellow students of our academy and opponents they’ve been fun to work against and I’d be happy to do it again.

Who would be your dream opponent past or present?

I’d say from the guys I watched as a child, The Rock would be a dream match and to all the guys who have helped train me I’d definitely say I’d love a match against Kid Fite one day, to me it would be like my best mate and my trainer against his student who finally came back for a match to prove he’s back for good and will never walk away again.

I’d like to finish off by saying thank you for this interview and to Kid Fite who trains me hard at the PBW Academy.