OSWtv Meets…Toby Michaels

The other half of Rock N Wrestle and Jack Jester’s personal punchbag, Toby Michaels answered our questions.

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

I first watched at a very young age but it never really sunk in. Old school wrestlers like Piper, Flair, Razor, Hogan would regularly be on my TV. it takes watching it back now for me to truly appreciate what these guys did. But the “hooking” moment was definitely Royal Rumble 2000 and in particular the work of Mick Foley and Triple H, as well as the anarchy of the Rumble itself of course.

In October, last year, you had a run in with Jack Jester at PBW Rock N Wrestle at The Ironworks in Inverness. It ended with you being hit with a leg drop on the apron. How did it feel getting to work with Jester and being in the ring?

It was an honour working alongside PBW and the continuing work we are doing together. Bringing my band “Toby Michaels Rolling Damned” to the events is an honour. However the beating I took and the humiliation of it, I could have obviously done without.

It didn’t end there as you had another moment with Jack Jester at PBW Rock N Wrestle 2 which ended with you being battered by the current ICW Champion. Did it make you want to pursue wrestling further?

I am sure you will no doubt have the video on this anyway (Yes) as everyone finds my beating hilarious. My body was damaged, I couldn’t move my right arm for days and my flesh was torn apart. But you know, that I can cope with, Jester is a tough SOB, I know that now. But that isn’t all I learned from my beating.

The crowds in the wrestling world are vicious, almost as much as the wrestlers themselves, with the need for destruction to be fed to them…for entertainment. They chanted for Jack Jester as he decimated me, cheered the destruction of a man who has given them everything for 10 years now, apparently demanding my body now also…

So yes it does make me want to pursue wrestling further in some sort of role, because anyone who has seen me perform with the band knows I love carnage. This is an outlet into a world of carnage. Be it as a competitor, maybe a manager, only time will tell. But through their own blood lust these fans have given me a desire to improve myself mentally and physically… and when I am stronger no one will be able to predict what I will be capable of.

You also co-host the Rock N Wrestle radio show with a previous guest of ours, Steve Robertson. You get to talk about two of your passions. If you could get any wrestling related personality on the show, who would it be and why?

Steve getting Lanny Poffo was pretty incredible and I know he has set that as a benchmark. We want to have the most interesting people in wrestling join us to talk. Be it Grado or Piper, Punk or Rock… we will work to get guests of the highest caliber. As the saying goes “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Do you think being in a rock band helps with developing a character that you can take into the ring?

Being in the Rock scene has helped me develop ME. Without confidence in what you do their is no point in doing it. playing hundreds of gigs and being on the road so often is a definite advantage if I do take myself into the ring. Only time will tell if that ever happens though. As I wouldn’t dare step into the ring as a wrestler unless I had the ability to be THE BEST at what I do and the only person who can do it. Like Piper back in the day, just when you think you know all the answers…I want to change the questions.

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