OSWtv Meets…Brian “The Grue” Fraser

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

It started with my Dad and he came across WrestleMania 6. We had missed probably half of it but managed to see the start of the Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase match. That was it for me, those two told a great story of Good vs Evil, Dibiase was the man you loved to hate who used his money to buy people and Jake standing up to him.

You started with SWE as security and now you’re The Grue, interviewing the wrestlers and asking the tough questions. How did you feel about transitioning from being security to a role that means you are now more of a focal point?
On that same vein, you’re also on the commentary desk. Is being in that live environment daunting or do you enjoy being able to channel your inner Jim Ross?

Yes I started off as security for SWE and the opportunity came to be in ring/backstage interviewer. I was grateful and have done commentary, I love it. I don’t find it daunting at all I’m having fun. However, at the same time I know it can all end in an instant and can go back to being security and that’s cool. At least I can say I got to call matches with a legend in “Ravishing” Randy Valentine, got to interview some of SWE top stars like Ian Ambrose, SWE’s newest stars the Trident, who in my mind have a bright future, and even got to interview the boss but as I said can wake up one day and it can all be gone

You also teach self defence at the Hart & Soul Wrestling School. Tell us a little about what you teach and do you have any advice for anyone looking to attend?

I did marital arts for like 22 years and I just wanted to try and give back to the SWE, back then marital arts was as close to wrestling I could get. It’s Tae-kwon-do, Ao denku Jitsu and Chung do Kwan karate I’ve done all sorts of marital arts and this is the best one I’ve ever done and never looked back. It’s based in South Korea and the advice I have for anyone attending is just turn up you will be welcomed with open arms.

And finally, what’s next for The Grue?

For the Grue I don’t know. I’d like to interview other stars and call more shows. I’ve been given the opportunity to host the annual SWE awards on the 27th June at the Black Watch Club in Dundee. For the first time ever it’s open to wrestling fans with tickets priced at £5 with limited spaces only. I’m honoured to be doing this and can not wait it should be an enjoyable and interesting evening.


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