OSWtv Meets…Chris Duke

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

I’ll never forget it, Wrestlemania 8, for some reason, was on my aunties TV, Ric Flair was bleeding into his blonde hair and Randy Savage was beaten to a pulp. As soon as I seen that, I was hooked. Luckily I had a neighbour who had Sky, so he taped all the wrestling for me he could. I’ve never looked back since.

You’ve interviewed some big names in the world of professional wrestling, who has been your personal favourite(s)?

I could go for the easy one and say the two times I interviewed Hogan (seeing as I never shut up about it), I mean, those were just surreal moments that I never thought would happen, the same with HBK, not necessarily the most thrilling of interviews, but dreams come true none the less. In terms of fun, I’d need to say Jim Cornette. We actually had to interview him twice, as for some reason it didn’t record the first time, he is just a fountain of knowledge, and such a funny man.
I can’t talk about interviews without mentioning Dennis Stamp, for someone who isn’t as well known as your Hogans or HBK’s, the guy is a fountain of some of the most amazing stories that you’ll ever hear. When he is over for Hell 4 Lycra, if you get a chance to talk to him, engage him in conversation, it’s an amazing experience.

A lot has been written about the nWo takeover tour and your open letter really explains everything that anyone needs to know. Has the whole experience put you off organising such events in the future?

Absolutely. There are plenty of companies out there that do that sort of thing, and do it well, let’s leave it to them.

It was unfortunate that it failed, but the way that it failed in such a spectacular fashion was the worst of all. I lost a lot from that tour, most of all, some people who, I considered to be very close friends of mine (not just the obvious two) that chose to believe the nasty rumours that were floating around about me. I wish I never attempted it, and will never do anything like that again.

You have doing a great job in SWE as the heel ring announcer, after the aforementioned nWo tour, how did it feel to be involved in wrestling again?

I swore that I was done with wresting, in particular, Scottish wrestling, after the tour and the reactions to its failure. I was dropped from most of the companies I announced for (probably for the best, Simon Cassidy is a phenomenal announcer), and I felt unwanted. However, SWA kept me on, and the outcry of support from the talent there just got me through some really tough times. Then there is David Low and SWE, I have been very public about my love for that company and the man behind it. He is probably one of the nicest, most genuine men I have ever met. He, and SWE, welcomed me with open arms, and allowed me to live out my dream, without once judging me. I love SWE, and they deserve the world in Wrestling.

What are your thoughts on Scottish wrestling currently?

I don’t follow much of It now, I’m slowly getting back into it. You can’t ignore the fact that Grado is now a superstar, and he rightly deserves it. And we all know of the bigger companies out there that are doing great, but I love watching the smaller companies. I’m following Reckless Intent quite a bit just now, it’s such a great product.

What are your plans moving forward and what’s next for Chris Duke?

Next week I start my professional radio career, I’m the mid morning guy 10-2 on Eklipse Sports Radio, so that’s my priority just now. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted to do.

I’ve got a much more positive outlook on life than what I used to have. The past 6 months have been tough, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m just happy right now.