OSWtv Meets…Showcase Pro Wrestling

What made you decide to start Showcase Pro Wrestling?

I live in a town where very little happens, the likes of a wrestling event coming to town or even the circus gets looked at as a big deal by the kids in the area. I wanted to give this town some fantastic regular entertainment, a brand they can stand by and be proud of.
There have been many shows run in Dumfries throughout the years, but, in recent times, they have slowed down a lot. I took it upon myself to try and deliver my vision to the people of the town.

Things have started well and we cannot wait to build things from the base up. Our upcoming show at Lochside Club, Dumfries on May 31st is shaping up so well and I have a great feeling that this could catapult us further up the ladder and create a bit of buzz in the town.

With a lot of wrestling promotions in Scotland, what do you think Showcase offers that makes it stand out?

I think we are going to offer something different, particularly from 31st May onward. Due to the fact all of our shows are local we have and expect to continue to have a regular and loyal fan base within Dumfries, thanks to this we have taken the decision to have thick plotted and engaging story lines that heavily utilize social media. The past few months have seen us send out teaser packages for upcoming story’s and asking our roster for regualr promos. We want to engage with our fans on more than just show nights. We have a “big screen” prepped and ready for all future events and videos/promos will be airing throughout our events.

Our vision for our product is slightly grittier and edgier than much of the family friendly shows in Scotland. We will see in the coming months if this new direction pays off but it has been getting a great response so far.

You guys also have a podcast, tell us a little more about that?

It started out as a podcast, but, just as we were readying our first episode we happened to fall into a discussion with a producer over a Alive Radio 107.3fm which broadcasts to the south of Scotland and some of North England as well as online. We talked about our podcast and the chances of using the studio so we could have a professional setup. We were offered the chance to turn our podcast into a fully fledged radio show. This gave us the chance to not only reach our fans all over through the internet but maybe engage some new fans of wrestling in the area. Myself and my host the show where we talk a lot about mainstream wrestling, “Britwres” and a whole host of wrestling related subjects. We have regular guest, including some hosts who are wrestling fans from the station but we have several wrestling guests lined up over the coming months including Showcase Wrestling and TNA/IMPACT Wrestling stars. It’s an exciting time for sure.

You’ve had some of the best and brightest walk through your doors like James Scott and Solar. In your perfect fantasy, who would you like to see come to Showcase?

This is a hard question, I don’t want to go for the obvious choices like Rock, Hogan, Austin, etc, though I am sure we would love the gate that they would draw!!!!

I am finding it hard to decide between the Godfather and Ken Shamrock, two personal favorite of mine. I’m very much a big character fan, Godfather really caught my eye when growing up and I looked forward to his matches more than almost any other on WWF/E shows. Shamrock on the other hand was just an unhinged psycho, suplexing referees and losing the head. I’d love to bring that energy to Showcase. He was an incredible personality and a decent wrestler to boot!.

Where do you see Showcase Pro Wrestling in 5 years time?

Hopefully still riding from strength to strength. In that time we will ideally have a very strong and large following in the area, after we have that we will be looking at other strong towns to run outside of Dumfries and Galloway, maybe even in the North of England too.

We have a training school opening after our May 31st event too and it would be fantastic to see some of our talent making waves in the UK wrestling scene as well as with Showcase!

Thanks for the questions, it’s been great. Make sure to tune in to the Showcase Wrestling Review on Saturday Afternoons, 1pm at www.aliveradio.net or in the South West of Scotland on Alive 107.3fm and not to mention, head over to our Facebook page and give it a like,www.facebook.com/showcasepromotions for all the latest breaking news, pictures and videos from Showcase Wrestling!