Kevin Williams Meets…OSWtv


A week or two back, I was contacted by SWE’s resident gamer and good friend of mine, Kevin Williams, who ask me the questions for a change. He put it up on his Facebook page but I thought I’d keep it here also for posterity.

You’ve been coming to Wrestling shows around the country for years now, when did you first get into Wrestling?

I was a young’un I’d say about 7ish and was introduced to wrestling by a friend . My first real memory was The Undertaker vs Kane inferno match. Had nightmares after that match but I would say I was hooked right then.

What made you attend your first show and which show was it, any lasting impressions from that show?

My first event outside WWE was SWE Hell for Lycra IX. What drew me there was “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. It was the Dewars Centre in Perth, drove there and back the same day (which was ridiculous, haven’t done that since). I was on a high afterwards as I got to meet Piper, Dibiase along with Tatanka and Chavo Guerrero. On top of that, I got to see a belting match between Martyn Stallyon and Chavo, Piper’s Pit and a cage match which saw “Ravishing” Randy Valentine make me audibly shout expletives when he jumped off the top of the cage. I knew from that point that I wanted to go back to SWE and see more.

Who in Scottish Wrestling just now do you think is a “draw”, who makes you instantly want a ticket to a show?

I would go to a show with no names announced because I’m a fan of wrestling. If I was on the fence names like Euan  G Mackie, Jackie Polo and Viper would make me go no doubt. As far as a “draw” goes, it would have to be Grado. The guy is everywhere with the explosion of Insane Fight Club and he’s one of those guys that just gets the fans involved and that’s what you need to get them to come back in the future.

Who have you been most impressed with at a show?

I’ve never been not impressed at a show…does that make sense? I always find positives, be it a match, a moment or just the overall atmosphere. Martyn Stallyon always impresses me when I see him in the ring, the guy is a marvel in the ring. I loved the ba-bomb moment between yourself and Glen Dunbar, oh and Glen Dunbar, I wasn’t a huge fan of Dunbar but when I got to see him more in the ring he is brilliant. I could name more and more like Scott Renwick, Nathan Black and Joe Hendry,

The Bulgarian Baker! The guy comes to the ring with bread, I’ve seen this guy twice for W3L now and I genuinely mark out when I see him. Can’t forget to mention the female wrestlers like Sammii Jayne, Viper and Debbie Sharpe.

Who do you think is the most genuine person in Wrestling?

I’ve met some wonderful people through wrestling. I couldn’t begin to name names as I will forget someone and will regret it. I’ve yet to meet someone that I have had a negative opinion on.

How has OSWtv changed your life?

Oh my, OSWtv has allowed me to become involved in a business I’ve loved since I was a child. I’ve got to interview Marty Jones, I’ve got to be involved with Rock N Wrestle, I got to be involved with SWE which has been amazing, I get recognised at shows…which is weird.
I read an article today by Bete Noire about embracing awkwardness and I thought about it a lot and realised that OSWtv is basically me embracing the awkwardness. I’m not the loudest, I’m not the funniest but with OSWtv I can just be myself and express my love for Scottish wrestling. If people like it then that’s awesome.

What’s next for OSWtv?

I’m going to keep going with the Q&A’s on the website as long as people keep getting in touch with me to do them. I want to do a podcast or at least do audio interviews so that’s a goal to work towards. Overall I just want to keep going to shows and being involved in any way being setting up chairs, taking tickets, whatever.

Do you have any message for those not quite into the scene in Scotland that might need that little bit extra encouragement?

WWE is great to watch live but I always find going to a local event it’s a bit more intimate and a bit more unpredictable. It doesn’t break the bank to attend an event in your area, even if you are drawn to go because of a special guest, that’s how I started.

What’s your all time favourite video game?

I love the old school Pokemon games, I still play all up to Crystal. It probably accounts for my unnecessary hatred for Jellyfish and Bats. I couldn’t pick one favourite I love Streets of Rage and Tetris also.