A Journey Through Time Chapter 2

Chapter Two: Merchandise and the Death of Santa
By the time I was 10 I was a major fan of the WWF, I had the magazines, the WWF Metal sticker album and I watched tapes a lot with Royal Rumble 2000 being one of my most watched tapes until it was tragically taped over. During a family holiday in Catterick my Dad took me to a Pound Stretcher not far from the house we were all staying in. He bought me my first figure, Droz. This was the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, he had matches with my imagination as he was the only one I had. I must’ve been a good boy, or I pestered my Dad a lot, because I also got a Goldust and Ken Shamrock figure during that holiday. So I had three figures and they all had the same finisher, the stunner, as I wasn’t totally clued up on their move sets and whatnot.
I think it was the same holiday that I got my first actual wrestling tape. We were in a Blockbuster and WrestleMania 15 was on the shelf and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. Again, it was my Dad who got it for me. I was spoiled during that holiday and I watched it constantly. There was probably a time I could’ve relayed that event move for move. It’s one of my favourite WrestleMania’s, not because of the content but, because of the sentimental reason behind it. It was cool to watch with my Shamrock and Goldust figures as I would recreate moments during their match. That was the start of my collection and it grew and grew from that point onwards. The second VHS I ever owned was King of the Ring 2000 which is another event close to my heart, again it was my Dad. Think I may’ve worked out that if I wanted something I could beg my Dad to get it for me.
I think it was the same year when I found out the truth about ol’ Saint Nick. It was on the run up to Christmas and we’d all gone to Elgin in the car. We’d parked at the multi-storey by the St Giles Centre and Mum had told my brother and I to wait in the car. They came back and put a bag in the boot of the car and went back into the Centre. I took this moment to pull down the middle seat and see what they had bought, because I was a nosey little scamp. I saw a box for the WCW Nitro toy wrestling ring. I was in two minds, I was disheartened to find out Santa wasn’t real…but I was getting the WCW Nitro wrestling ring! Looking back on it now, I think I knew a lot longer but this was the confirming moment. I kept quiet until after Christmas because I thought if I blew the whistle on this I wouldn’t get my present and I REALLY wanted that wrestling ring. I also got two of those sweating figures, they were Road Dogg and Kane, you could remove Kane’s mask and it had this hideously scarred face underneath. Keep the kayfabe!
The years around then is a blur of action figures, VHS’s and pretending to be wrestlers in the primary school playground. One year my mate and I went as wrestlers for Hallowe’en, I was Jeff Hardy complete with my nails painted black and tights on my arms and my mate went as Shane McMahon, complete with fake blood on his forehead. 
My Dad has this magazine that came in monthly with a list of games you could buy, for the life of me I cannot remember the name, you got red coupons for buying a game then you save them up to get a gift. I remember getting games from that like Croc 2 and WWF Attitude. WWF Attitude was a great game, for Playstation, I thought the graphics were great. Until I got WWF Smackdown 2: Know Your Role. I would play the game non-stop.
I got a PS2 for Christmas, sorry, my brother and I got a PS2 for Christmas and we both got games to go with it. I got FIFA 2003 and Smackdown! Shut Your Mouth. While all the rest of the kids were out socialising and (I dunno, it was Rothes, so probably causing trouble) I was under the stairs kicking virtual ass.
I had started a paper round, mainly to buy wrestling magazines like WWF Magazine and if there was a poster special then I usually couldn’t resist and get that also. I would even save a little aside and get a PS2 game from the Spar…McColls…Morning Noon a….it was the same shop it just got taken over a lot, that’s where I got Legends of Wrestling on the PS2 a fun game and very different from the Smackdown offerings in terms of gameplay. It also help broaden my knowledge.
Next Chapter: The Wrestling Channel and My First Time


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