A Journey Through Time Chapter 3


Chapter Three: The Wrestling Channel and My First Time

We’re into the year 2004 and my parents had got Sky again. So I was able to watch Smackdown when it was still on Sky One. There was also a channel in the 400’s that was my home, The Wrestling Channel. I got my first taste of TNA (or NWA-TNA) as it was known plus I got to watch some CZW and ROH. This was all new to me and I was excited to watch TNA as Jeff Hardy was with the company at that time. I taped Turning Point 2004 and watched it over and over, the cage match especially.

Eventually The Wrestling Channel started focusing on MMA and became TWC: Fight! so I stopped watching it but while it was heavy on the wrestling I was enthralled. I got to see Jushin “Thunder” Liger in Japan also and I still remember the promos for Curry Man, Jonny Storm and for Team SHAG that were played between shows.

In 2005, my mate got to go to a WWE Smackdown live event in Aberdeen. I was insanely jealous that he got to go and see the stars in the flesh. It wouldn’t be long before that subsided though as I got tickets for my 16th birthday to see WWE in Aberdeen in 2006. It was the RAW stars that were coming that year so I would get to see DX. It was 5 months between getting the tickets and the show so I had 5 months of giddy excitement. Between that time I’d started getting EMA from school (basically paying us to stay in school) and I would use that to go to the Saturday Market in Elgin and buy wrestling DVDs and VHS’s and pack them into my bedroom.

It came around to November and I went to my first WWE show in Aberdeen with my Mum and Dad. Gimme a second and I’ll try and recount the card…

Cryme Tyme vs Cade & Murdoch
Jeff Hardy vs Carlito vs Shelton Benjamin vs Johnny Nitro
Beth Phoenix vs Candice Michelle
Ric Flair & The Highlanders vs The Spirit Squad
Tommy Dreamer vs Test
DX vs Rated rKo

I’m probably missing a match or two and I’m not 100% on the ladies match but anyway, the event was a blast. I got a DX shirt as an extra birthday present, which I wore at any given chance. It’s all faded and cracked now but it was my first wrestling shirt. This was the proper start to me seeing live wrestling and it was better than any show you’d see on TV. You were there, you believed in it. In that moment, it was real to me dammit!

Next Chapter: The Bean and OSW


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