A Journey Through Time Chapter 4


Chapter Four: The Bean and OSW

Back in 2006/7 I was uber cool and did “e-fedding” on bebo. For those who don’t know what e-fedding is it’s basically you play wrestler and write promos and the best promos win the match. So I entered HWF, it was called something else before but I can’t remember the previous name, as The Bean. I had a tag team with my mate as B&C and we were a good team and I enjoyed writing promos. It got a bit too real when I got annoyed about losing matches and was losing to the promoters mates even when I wrote some absolute belting promos. I never reached “main event” in HWF but had world titles in other little feds. This was an important piece of my wrestling story because if I didn’t join HWF then I wouldn’t have met Davin Molloy. We were on opposite sides in a interpromotional storyline and once that story ended we ended up forming a team called Retro Entertainment Inc.

Back up a little here, in 2007 I went to my second WWE live event and it was the Smackdown-ECW stars this time. Highlights included; flipping the middle finger at Dave Taylor and him threatening to beat me up, getting pointed at by Batista as I had dyed my hair blue for the event and getting my first autograph which was from CM Punk.

Also, I had started a real job and was now earning more money which meant I could buy more stuff. Once I get to 2008, this becomes quite important.

Back to the main story. Davin (The 80’s Sensation) was starting Old School Wrestling, a page on bebo that was a tribute to the Hogan era of professional wrestling and he brought me on board along with a few more admins over time. I really didn’t do a lot as this wasn’t really my timeline but once it was decided to expand the page to all wrestling and started the Hall of Fame I was a bit more useful. Davin started an online blog where you could ask him any questions and he would answer them. The Ask Davin blog gave me an idea…

Next Chapter: The Belt, eBay, Ask Billy and The Video Wars…


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