A Journey Through Time Chapter 5


Chapter Five: The Belt, eBay, Ask Billy and The Video Wars

Quite a packed chapter judging by the title. In 2008 I had moved to New Pitsligo and was in the middle of learning to drive. I would spend my wages on eBay, buying videos, DVDs, t-shirts. Just whatever I could find that was cheap and wrestling related. My Dad made me a massive bookshelf so that I could put my stuff on there including PS2 games, books (of course) and I even owned a Gamecube and X-Box for a brief period so I could play Day of Reckoning and RAW (and RAW 2).

On my 18th birthday, I had a driving lesson in Aberdeen and when I got home I was given my birthday presents. The last one was a wide box. I had no idea what it was. I opened it and saw the Smackdown logo. It was a belt! I unzipped…the bag and there was an adult replica WWE Undisputed Title! I was like a kid at Christmas and shot some right posey shots on my phone, hooked my phone to the computer via cable, waited…waited…copied the photos to a folder, uploaded them to bebo and then felt like the Champion. I was the Champion!

After that I saw a WWE Cruiserweight Title on eBay at a reasonable price and couldn’t resist. I was 18, very little bills to pay and money to burn. So I snapped that up and it wasn’t long before I added a WWF European Belt to my collection. I was becoming addicted to buying anything on eBay, a WrestleMania XIX chair, a WrestleMania badge collection, just anything I could find.

I went to WWE live in Aberdeen in 2008, it was the first time I had drove there as I had passed my test a couple months prior (first time lucky) and I enjoyed it. I was meant to go to the TNA Maximum Impact tour in Glasgow in January 2009 but disaster struck and I was out of action due to a medical problem. I ended up in hospital and couldn’t recover in time to go down to Glasgow. So with a heavy heart I sold my tickets. The funny thing is, the guy that bought them took his Grandson and he was taken into the ring and got a signed piece of table from Team 3D. So that was pretty cool.

I had moved out of my parents during this time and left a lot of my stuff behind and, other than video games and OSW, I was kinda cut off from wrestling. Trying to be a grown up I suppose.

I ended up moving back about a year later as I couldn’t afford it and my medical problem hadn’t cleared up and was becoming a pain. Have had a couple surgeries since, but as of May 2014, it’s still not healed.

So I ended the last chapter talking about Ask Davin and how that gave me an idea. I had bought a PS3 while I was living in Lossiemouth and also acquired a PlayStation Eye camera. I thought about doing a video version of Ask Davin but with myself and call it Ask Billy. I did a couple episodes on bebo and a few people liked it. So I moved it to YouTube. The views weren’t anything to write home about but it was fun. Looking back on some episodes it’s incredibly cringey stuff. My hair is horrific in some, I sound robotic in early episodes and I used entrance music once I acquired a second PS3.

Through OSW I met Kevin Morrison and Barry Jarvis, we thought up an idea to record a video declaring ourselves The Moray Mafia that kick started The Video Wars…

When OSW moved to Facebook, after the impending doom that bebo was supposed to have, The Video Wars really started. You’d have The Moray Mafia on one side with “America’s Most Wanted” on the other which was Keita Murray and Jeff Taylor. It started gaining some legs on our group with Matt Porter jumping in with AMW and offering grooming tips. We’d all do promos and it was great fun. There was a guy call Justin who tried to jump in and I took great pleasure cutting him down with my lyrical sword.

Now with any group, you expect trolls and OSW was no different. During a vote for Fan of the Month, the winner got a prize, I was one of the choices and I voted for myself. This wasn’t an ego trip, I had genuinely thought I put in the most effort that month. I was basically just one of the guys that had some admin powers. The voting ended in a tie with Karl Walker and myself. Walker moaned that it wasn’t fair that I voted for myself and that I had a giant ego. This escalated and on the follow up episode of Ask Billy I started the show by declaring that “I HAVE A GIANT EGO!” just to rile him up further. This was just the start, as the Justin fellow that I mentioned above threw a hissy fit after he was caught plagurising in a competition and he through he toys out of the pram and they both left in short order.

The Video War had cooled off and we tried to bring it back with The Moray Mafia desolving but it didn’t work. The videos are still on YouTube.

Next Chapter: Hell for Lycra IX


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