A Journey Through Time Chapter 6


Chapter Six: Hell for Lycra IX

And now my Scottish wrestling journey begins. I had moved to Elgin with my partner at the time and I don’t know how I came across the SWE website but I saw it and that there were tickets for Hell for Lycra IX. I had seen a poster for this previously while in Pitlochary so that must’ve been when I was about 20 and it had Sunny on the poster. I saw that tickets were only about £12 so I contacted Kevin who was up for it. Two tickets bought! It was down in Perth and the main drawing attraction for me was meeting “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. As a bonus I’d also meet Tatanka and Chavo Guerrero plus see some wrestling. I had previously said some really mean comments about Chavo on Twitter that he blocked me for, which I was totally in the wrong, so I thought it would be funny to meet Chavo.

A few weeks went by and my tickets hadn’t arrived. So I contacted SWE and I was told that the tickets were sent. I grew impatient as it was getting closer to the date and still no tickets. I sent a rather sarcastic email to SWE, David Low specifically, which basically called them incompetant and incapable to tracking a recorded delivery letter. It was agreed that I would pick up the tickets at the event.

Event day came and I drove from Elgin to Perth and got there about an hour into the signing session. David gave me the tickets and they were boosted to front row! I apologised for being an arse on emails and took my place in line. It wasn’t cheap with £10 for a picture, £10 for an autograph. I went up to Tatanka first as his line was the smallest. He was a gent, got an autograph from him as I’d worked out my sums and I could afford 1 picture and 4 autographs if I wanted to get lunch! Next up was Chavo, and the TV doesn’t do this guy justice. He’s a build guy and could snap me in half if he wanted to. I got a signed t-shirt and moved on, such a nice guy which made me feel even worse about saying some really distasteful stuff to him online.

Next up was Ted Dibiase as Piper’s line was still huge. I had two reasons to meet Dibiase, 1) he’s a Legend and 2) to make Davin really jealous as this guy is his hero. I shook Ted’s hand and produced WrestleMania IV on VHS and said that he was robbed by Hogan. Ted took out his phone and scrolled through his pictures till he got to one with Hogan hitting him in the back with a chair from the event! We laughed about him being screwed. Kevin and I paid for a joint picture with Ted and the Million Dollar Belt. After we took the picture Ted offered single shots and we both got pictures with Ted by ourselves thrown in for free.

Finally we met Piper, I was telling him that I drove down about 140 miles and was going to do the same tonight and he sounded humbled that we travelled that far to meet him. I got a signed picture and Kevin got a picture with him.

Onto the show, my memories of the event are fading but I remember seeing Martyn Stallyon and Chavo Guerrero having an amazing match, Kevin making himself look like a right idiot by shouting to NIKKI STORM that she couldn’t wrestle before Nikki proceeded to prove him wrong, Piper’s Pit, a scary looking cage, a cage dive that will never leave my mind and just a fantastic show. I was hooked and needed to see more wrestling in Scotland as it was far better than the last WWE show I went to (2009) and it was like I was just introduced to wrestling again.

The thing I regretted from this event was the travel. I drove back to Elgin the same day and got into my flat at about 1am. I decided from then that if I was going down the road again that I’m getting a hotel room. I was dead on my feet but on the other hand, it was all worth it.

Next Chapter: ALL THE WRESTLING and Dusting Off The Camera.


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