A Journey Through Time Chapter 7


Chapter Seven: ALL THE WRESTLING and Dusting Off The Camera

Just to pause the current story, I’ve forgotten something that happened in about mid-2007. My parents were starting to throw things out in preparation to sell the house in Rothes. So in the garden was a mattress, cardboard boxes, a punch bag and a tv stand. So in my infinite wisdom I started jumping off the tv stand trying to do swantons. Proper grown up here. If you ever meet my Mum she has embarrassing footage of me doing this. Once I had “mastered” jumping, I decided to take it to the next level. I set up a makeshift table using cardboard and the punch bag was my victim. The mattress was below for me to land on. So I climbed onto the wheelie bin, 16 years old, and jumped off to hit a leg drop. I landed the leg drop but missed the mattress and landed with a thud with only some cardboard to protect my fall onto paving slabs. My back was aching for weeks. Yep, being a wrestler wasn’t my destiny.

Back to where I was before that sidebar. I had just been to SWE Hell for Lycra IX and was on a high. There was a W3L show coming to Elgin in the September of that year so it was a no-brainer that I was going. It was a blast, I’d starting appreciating wrestling a lot more as a live entertainment show. I was beginning to fall out of love with WWE and even TNA and wanted to see more of the companies in my own country. I picked up SWA-W3L Clash of the Titans and watched and re-watched the event several times.

I saw that the SWE Facebook page announced that Ted Dibiase was looking for a General Manager and the fans were encouraged to send in video CVs. Now I had retired Ask Billy but I still knew my way around a camera and had a YouTube channel just begging to be used again.

I did a video, which was supposed to be in the style of the Anonymous General Manager from RAW. Looking back now, I hated it. I sounded like a right plum. I did video after video and got to speak to my opposition, Alex Fowlis and Stevie Simmons aka Jamie. It felt like The Video Wars all over again as we’d all do videos back and forth. It was great and I got to be creative with my words and show a bit of charisma. It helped that the guys I was doing it with were great and we all played off each other.

I was then contacted about coming down to Dundee for SWE Uprising…

Next Chapter: SWE Uprising and the In-Ring Debut