A Journey Through Time Chapter 8


Chapter Eight: SWE Uprising and the In-Ring Debut
January 31st was marked as the debut Uprising event for SWE, they would run at the Ardler Complex in Dundee on the last Saturday of the month. As it was winter the weather was shocking and the first Uprising was cancelled due to weather conditions. Which worked out well for me as I was skint. The new date was February 16th and as luck would have it I got a bonus from work the day before so I tried to dress smart for the occasion. My mate Robert offered to come down the road with me as a catch up as we hadn’t seen each other for a while so I just had to pick him up in Aberdeen. I hate driving in Aberdeen, I think I’m getting a little used to it now but back then I just flat out hated it. We got to Dundee and other than getting a little lost we made it to a Premier Inn, got booked in and headed to the venue. Now, I had no idea that I could just go by the side entrance and get in that way so I bought my ticket and sat down. Kim came up to me and asked if I was Billy and was ushered behind the curtain were I saw Alex and Jamie. We had a brief briefing and were told that we had a minute of mic time. Nerves had begun. I met the wrestlers on the card that night and got to speak to Randy Valentine, which I was nervous about as Randy had ripped me to shreds on Facebook and when I met him, he smiled and I was at ease immediately.

I made a mistake, I made a few mistakes that night. First, I slapped hands with the fans after I had said in videos that I would ban them from events, I didn’t hold a mic correctly so no-one could hear what I said, I got mocked by Chaz Phoenix in the ring and I didn’t know what to do with my hands. So basically my first appearance in a wrestling ring was a total mess. Alex rightly won as he was the best on the night.  The guys at SWE wanted to keep me involved in some way and it was great of them to do that, I would be back. So after the event, I didn’t know what was happening so Robert, who had sat and watched the whole show by himself as I was whisked away at the start, and I got a taxi into the centre of Dundee. The club where everyone goes to wasn’t open yet so we went to a pub not far from there meantime. There was a fight and karaoke, that’ll do!

We headed back to Kage and the guys were there already, there was face painting so I was off like a shot and got The Ultimate Warrior face paint. I got so drunk that I blacked out in the taxi on the way back and woke up in the hotel room. Apparently I had to get dragged from the taxi to my bed as I was in no fit state. So it was a successful night!


Next Chapter: Something, Something, Wrestling


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