A Journey Through Time Chapter 9


Chapter Nine: Something, Something, Wrestling

So I was now famous, I’m kidding. I continued to see what was about in my area, I went back to SWE in April for their Uprising event that month. I was looking forward to the Ian Ambrose vs Mikey Whiplash match in the European Title tournament plus the ending of the Bravehart – Mr News feud.

There was a fancy dress thing at Kage after the show and you got in for free if you dressed as a wrestler. I planned to go as Honky Tonk Man but my wig didn’t arrive (and never has) so I ended up going as a fat, bald Elvis with a Sin Cara mask. I tried to fob it off as Honky Botch Man but nah, I looked terrible.  When I saw the photos back from the event I looked well dodgy sitting among children dressed like a suspect under Operation Yew Tree.

In June I attended my first WrestleZone show in Aberdeen, their fifth anniversary show and what drew me there was their special guests. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan and Billy Gunn were coming to Aberdeen and I couldn’t miss that! I thoroughly enjoyed the show, I had bought two tickets in the hope I could get someone to go with me, no luck, so I sold my ticket for face value to non-other than Mr Paterson who was running around at the event all suited and booted. It was sold before I left the Beach Ballroom after the signing. Both guys were a blast to meet and I was a giddy wreck when I met Billy Gunn. I like to think I’ve matured since but nope I still get starstruck at shows.

During this period I started OSWtv but I will talk about that in depth in the next chapter.

In July I had a big week. I turned 23 on the 2nd, meet DDP on the 3rd then went to W3L on the 5th. DDP was a guest at SWE at a special event called SWE Presents DDP which was held on a Wednesday. I went down and got a hotel in the middle of Dundee and within walking distance of the signing. I went to the signing and DDP was great, (I say that a lot about the wrestlers I’ve met, but they’re genuinely a pleasure to meet.) He signed a photo, my European belt and took a couple photos…which Mr News photobombed…twice. The event itself boasted so many great matches with one being Nikki Storm & Bete Noire vs Viper & Sammii Jayne which was amazing.

I went back up the road on the 4th then W3L were up in Elgin on the 5th. I got to meet Mike Musso, Nathan Reynolds, Live Wire and Stu Pendous (amazing name, not many can top that) and got a picture with my OSW title (a plastic world title with OSW taped on it) plus The Bulgarian Baker was back! Never have I marked out for a dude coming out the ring with bread in my life. I was throwing bread puns all over the place. Before the event, I had commented on Euan G Mackie’s Facebook saying that if I met him I would take my shirt off. So I met him after the event and got a picture with my shirt off. Cause I’m a man of my word!

Next Chapter: The OSWtv Saga Begins