A Journey Through Time Chapter 10


Chapter Ten: The OSWtv Saga Begins

This is where the story overlaps in chapters as I want to talk about each individual thing at length.

In May 2013, I watched a video done by Paddy Healy and Barry McFeely that was like a 20 minute show about wrestling. It was an idea that I thought I could also do and would focus on WWE, TNA and SWE.

I used the dining table and scattered some of my memorabilia on it, like how the desk on WrestleTalk TV is like and called the show OSWtv. Originally the name was due to it being part of Old School Wrestling but a name change was in order after I changed the focus of the show in June. Jay Hunter of OSW Review came up with Only Scottish Wrestling TV and that was the name I ran with. The pilot episode had about 200 views in the first month so I was convinced that I could keep doing this. I changed the format for the next episode after attending WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy and switched the focus of the show to Scottish wrestling only. It included clips from shows and ads for events. The first plug was for Tatanka after I asked him over Twitter if he wanted to be involved.

I was lucky to receive little intros from “The Very Good” Mr Euan G Mackie and “The Gear of War” Kevin Williams over the coming months but my videos themselves weren’t getting as many views as I hoped. To coincide with the YouTube channel, I set up a Facebook page around July time to share my videos on and to share any additional news. Over time I made the Facebook page a priority over the videos as it was a much better way to get news out than on an hour long video, which people will only watch for 5 minutes, if I was lucky.

A few months into doing the videos I was contacted by Scottish Wrestling Ring who wanted to put my videos on their site,  which was fantastic and they helped me a lot when it came to the content of my videos. When the Facebook page started, Ringside World and Scottish Wrestling Central also got in touch and helped promote the videos. I was contacted by Indy Corner podcast to do some Scottish wrestling pieces for their show. Which I did it for two episodes before deciding to concentrate on building OSWtv. The podcasting was fine but I preferred to work on my own and there was something unnatural about recording a segment with no one to talk to, it didn’t feel spontaneous. After I stopped working with Indy Corner, Wrestle Ropes offered to put OSWtv in their affiliates section. Wrestle Ropes and Scottish Wrestling Central were my main sources when it came to providing news so I was very happy to be in connection with them in anyway possible.

Things took a strange turn in August…

Next Chapter: It Is But A Flesh Wound and Oh Hell (For Lycra X) Yeah


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