A Journey Through Time Chapter 11 Part 1


Chapter Eleven: It Is But A Flesh Wound and Oh Hell (For Lycra X) Yeah Part 1

August was an odd month. I went to Aberlour games with my then-partner and drank cider. I mean, I chugged them down. I must’ve only had about 5 or 6 though when disaster struck. I was on this red climbing frame thing at the Alice Littler park in Aberlour and hit this beautiful elbow drop, it was stunning. I then jumped onto one of these roundabouts, like a spinning disc of doom, just for the fun. I stood up on it and started briskly jogging as I used to do with ease back in the my youth. Deciding that I had a enough I tried to slow the disc down before jumping off. When I jumped, only one leg came with me and I tumbled into a heap onto the bark surface. Laying on my back I looked over to my left arm, I couldn’t move it and it didn’t look right. I didn’t feel any pain but I knew moving it was out of the question. My friend called an ambulance as I lay there, I was cracking jokes, just trying to take my mind away from the damage that may’ve been caused. It’s just a dislocation I thought. Oh how I was wrong. 3 weeks before SWE Hell for Lycra X…

As I lay there, there was a crowd about. Some had sympathy, some not so much. The ambulance took an age to get to Aberlour and I was helped up by a paramedic. My mate came in the ambulance with me. I had to hold my arm still while this ambulance travelled to Elgin. The longest journey ever, the pain started kicking in while I was sitting there, but it wasn’t tear inducing. Just really uncomfortable, like my arm was trapped.

We got to Dr Gray’s and I got my arm x-rayed. It was bad. So bad that it had to get set in place that night. So I lost my Batman t-shirt as it had to be cut off me and my beard, my beautiful beard had to go so that they could create a seal around my mouth to pump my stomach before putting my arm in cast. I was knocked out before the stomach pumping began thankfully.

I woke up, confused, and in motion as I was being wheeled to the ward.

I had broke 3 bones in my elbow, the surgeon referred to it as a “terrible triad” and it wasn’t easy to fix.  I was in hospital for 6 days in a cast as I had to wait for the parts to arrive from Raigmore as Dr Gray’s didn’t have the screws and plates required. Days dragged on, my Mum visited the day after I fell and she was apparently ready to read me the riot act for being an idiot until she saw me, looking like a zombie.

The surgery was apparently about 5/6 hours long and my arm was fixed, but would never been the same again.

I got out of hospital with a massive purple cast, 2 weeks before Hell for Lycra X. I was still determined to make this show. I couldn’t drive down now so it would have to be by train.

Last minute booking a train is never fun, the prices are way over inflated but we got there, Kevin and I were going to Dundee.

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