Scottish Wrestling? Aye

I think we’re in a great time for Scottish wrestling with great wrestlers coming through, companies putting their blood, sweat and tears into every event, along with attendances getting bigger and bigger as with the guests coming to our fair old country. It’s also a great time to get information with places like Wrestle Ropes, Snapmare Necks, The Blue Haired Loudmouth, Squared Circle Highlights, The Lestrange Lock, Ref Cam, Breaking Baws and OSWtv all working to spread the word on this revolution sweeping Scotland. None of us do this to make money, just wanting to do anything we can to get across why wrestling in Scotland is so amazing.
The best thing is, we’ve all done this off our own backs. I don’t want to speak for anyone but we do this because we are fans. We buy our tickets and enjoy the show. We don’t pump some rumors about or try to get ourselves “over”.  
If you haven’t checked out any of the places mentioned above, I highly recommend them and it’s worth a wee Google.