A Journey Through Time Chapter 12

Chapter Twelve: We Have A Problem and There’s Something About Marty
By the end of September/start of October, I was now living on my own. In my possession was a metric crap ton of bills and two tickets to see Bret “The Hitman” Hart at SWE Hart & Soul. Something had to give. At this point I had my big purple cast removed and was now wearing a black cast with a hinge which made me look like I had a robot arm…which was cool.
Thanks to my parents, they helped me with my bills and that was all grand. I couldn’t afford to get down to Dundee to meet The Hitman. My real life was the priority. I sold the tickets at face value (I’m not an animal) and continued to plug the event on OSWtv in video form and on the OSWtv Facebook page.
A nice surprise came in the post after the event as David Low, the owner of SWE sent me a signed photo of Bret Hart and a pair of Hitman shades. I was elated and it was such a classy act.
Through the Facebook page I saw that PBW were holding an event in Inverness called Rock N Wrestle. It was about an hours drive up the road but lack of funds was stinging me bad. Through some minor miracle I was able to secure a free ticket (Thanks Steve) to the event and headed to Inverness. So October wasn’t a total disaster. I met Davey Richards briefly after the show and also got a picture with Jack Jester.
Rock N Wrestle were looking for people to help out for their future event in March 2014. I jumped at the chance to help in anyway possible, that’s a story for another chapter.
November was a major moment for OSWtv. SWE announced that World of Sport Legend Marty Jones was going to appear at their November Uprising event. I wasn’t sure about attending due to lack of funds but I was offered a chance to interview the man himself. Well, I couldn’t say no now!
Oh this day was full of ups and downs. I booked the wrong hotel (again), I ripped my jeans at the crotch while jumping over a rail and was just so tired. Marty was a delight though, as soon as I met him he put me at eas. My equipment didn’t work so had to record the interview on my phone and the quality was horrible but I really enjoyed speaking to Marty and couldn’t have asked for a more humble person. Absolute class.
After the interview I sat down to watch the show, really enjoyed it. Viper became the Future Division Champion, I lost my proverbial sh*t when Jackie Polo entered, Kevin Williams and Martyn Stallyon had a cracking match together. It’s what I’ve came to expect at an SWE event.  
As 2013 closed, I’d done more than I ever thought I would by starting OSWtv. I was starting to make a name for myself and it was building towards a dream.
Next Chapter: Opportunities Galore, Drive-A-Mania and A Shot At Redemption


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