Results Week Ending 22/06/14

A New Design_4

WrestleZone Beers. Burgers & Bodyslams

Triple Threat – Crusher Craib def. Scotty Swift & Shawn Johnson

The Hotshots & Scotty Swift def. Thunder Buddies & Crusher Craib

William Sterling won a Battle Royal

SWA Live in Beith

Alex Cavanagh def. Solar

Damian O’Connor def. Lewis Girvan

Scott Renwick def. Eric Canyon

Tucker def. Mark Coffey

Bete Noire & Sammii Jayne def. Viper & Debbie Sharpe

Bobby Roberts & Timm Wylie def. Dickie Divers & Chris Renfrew

Joe Coffey def. Joe Hendry

SWA Source Wrestling Showcase 3

The Gatecrashers (Chris Saynt & Dave Conrad) def. Manlon & Daihlan Hendry

Viper & Cobra Carr def. Sammii Jayne & Mr Byers

Joe Hendry def. Solar

Joe Coffey def. Bobby Roberts to retain the Scottish Heavyweight Championship

Nikki Storm & Bete Noire def. Courtney & Debbie Sharpe

Tucker def. Damian O’Connor

Lewis Girvan def. Mikey Whiplash

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