Ardler Complex – OSWtv Thoughts



It was announced at SWE Uprising last night that July’s Uprising will be the last Scottish Wrestling Entertainment event at the Ardler Complex. For me and for others that have attended at least one of their Uprising events this is sad news. In the year and a half since Uprising began as a monthly event it has had many spectacular moments. For me personally, my first memory of going to the Ardler Complex was February 16th. The first Uprising of 2013. The night that Stevie Simmons, Alex Fowlis and myself took part in the SWE General Manager competition.

I went back in April for Uprising and got to see one of the finest matches I’ve ever seen with “All Night” Ian Ambrose defeating Mikey Whiplash in the European Championship Tournament and also the final in ring match between Mr News and Bravehart over the SWE Championship.

July 3rd 2013 was a huge night for SWE when SWE Presented DDP at the Ardler Complex, a sell out event on a Wednesday night and had former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page on the bill. SWE were drawing bigger and louder crowds at each event. The venue was packed that night.

I would next go down to the Ardler Complex for SWE Uprising in November. Another special night for SWE and was history making. Viper winning the Future Division Championship from The Jackal and World of Sport Legend Marty Jones made an appearance. I was lucky enough to get an interview with the man in the locker room.

January saw the dawning of a new era in SWE when Ian Ambrose defeated Damian O’Connor to win the SWE Heavyweight Championship in the Ardler to start the #Scumbag era. A shocking night and certainly kept people coming back for more.

I was back in March for my second appearance for SWE as part of the Bravehart PA segment where SWE Owner Bravehart berated Tam, Esther, Amy, Stevie and myself for what felt like hours. It was amazing. The next month I was one the show, in the ring, firing Callum McMinn, getting booed, the best experience of my life and it was thanks to SWE, thanks to the Ardler Complex.

So thank you Scott Rogers, thank you for letting SWE come to the Ardler Complex and entertain us, your standing ovation was well deserved.


Thank you.