A Journey Through Time Chapter 13 Part 2

Chapter Thirteen: Opportunities Galore, Drive-A-Mania and A Shot At Redemption Part 2
The PBW experience was by far the most surreal moment in my life. I kept myself away from the wrestlers dressing room as I knew I’d be an annoying fan boy but to be backstage in such a big show was amazing. Meeting people I’d only seen on DVD or YouTube, getting a high 5 from Grado, speaking to Andy Wild, then-PBW Champion Liam Thomson coming in to shake everyones hand, it was just…so…weird. It’s an experience that would be difficult to describe and even harder to replicate. I came home with a lifetime of memories…and the placard that the ring girls held up for the main event, Jay Lethal vs Liam Thomson.
The very next day WrestleZone had their Regal Rumble event at the Northern Hotel in Aberdeen. What better way to complete Drive-A-Mania than to attend my second WrestleZone show. This event also had Lethal, Dutt, Jester and Grado on the card. I was on the fence about going due to cash and whatnot. It came to about 3pm on the Saturday where I just thought, ach let’s do this! and drove to Aberdeen for the Regal Rumble. Another top show and the end of an amazing 3 days. Drive-A-Mania ended on a high.
For the next part of this chapter I have to backdate a little to February. Bravehart had posted on his fan page that he was looking for a personal assistant and asked people to message him with CVs and why they should be chosen. I thought about it and went outside the box and made a video, like I had done a year before in the SWE General Manager competition. Before long others had done the same and we started bantering with each other, in character, basically slagging each other off online. All in jest though, we all knew the score and that was to get some attention for the next Uprising event.
The next the March Uprising event came around as I couldn’t make the February event and Bravehart introduced us and proceeded to rip us all apart. Now, in my videos I was very much pro-Bravehart so I had no idea how to react other than just take it like the little bitch I was. After the show Bravehart spoke to me about my reviews and that I need to be more critical, The Jackal also talked to me about my reviews and both of them were a great help. During my review of Uprising I wasn’t happy about Bravehart’s music being Trouble (most folk will know as Evil Scotsman) due to the abundance of swearing. Bravehart put up that he was going to record his own version for his entrance theme and for just some fun I re-wrote the song for Bravehart and put it on his fan page. I was shocked to see he was going to use some of my lyrics and I ended up being a co-writer for his entrance theme. Jack of all trades here folks.
It was announced that the Personal Assistant contenders would each get a shot at being Bravehart’s PA for the night and then he would choose the winner. I got the May Uprising event and I would be competing for the job that night with Stevie Simmons, or to break kayfabe, my friend Jamie. Now, I knew this would be a great night because I think Jamie and I work well together and I could play the straight man to his fool. I was right.
We were told what was to happen on the night and it was simple. We were to compete for Bravehart’s attention, from there we got a lot of free reign. I got booed and it never felt so good. I got booed because I wanted to be booed and not because I sucked. It also helped I was with super face Stevie Simmons. I was going to get booed all night. It was an unforgettable experience and one which will be hard to top. I got to be an arrogant suck up, OSWtv was plugged heavily, I fired Calum McMinn, announcing the Lumberjack Match was amazing. Bigging up the heels then treating the faces as an afterthought. I was in heaven, truly.
Next Chapter: Random Little Tales From Past to Present


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