Random Little Tales From Past to Present

(Originally Chapter Fourteen: Random Little Tales From Past to Present, but I decided to have it as a stand alone piece)
While writing A Journey Through Time I’ve realised a lot of things. The biggest thing is that I’ve been incredibly lucky. Not everyone gets to meet wrestling legends, interview wrestlers, step into a ring, become a voice in the sport I love. I also got to think about how good my parents where and still are to me. I have a lot of people to thank and I would list them but I know I’d forget someone and feel bad.
I also found out the name of the company that held the first event I saw, WWF-GB, a tribute company who also had Tribute Undertakers, Crash Hollys, Steve Austins etc. I talked to a few other people about their memories of these events and I didn’t get much positivity. Glad I wasn’t the only one.
In the last year I’ve met so many great people involved in wrestling, from the wrestlers themselves to the fans that I sit among. I’m still that awkward guy but come out of my shell a lot more than I used to due to being in an environment with friends, not strangers, and being a part of something special.
It’s funny to think that I would be that child that used his Action Man’s as wrestlers, chokeslam a teddy bear pretending to be The Undertaker, make title belts out of cardboard…
Funny story about that actually. I made the wee belts for my action figures from a toilet roll tube. I took a lot of time making them, far too much time. I had jotters with title histories all written out. Match cards for events that were to be held on my bedroom floor, Johnny Stamboli was one of my heavyweight champions. This evolved to making my own belts from cardboard, I spent hours on making a Hardcore belt from cardboard. I lost it while I slept to my cousin. Took me days to get it back due to the nature of the 24/7 rule.
Even today I still can’t walk past my bathroom mirror without cutting a promo, holding up my OSWtv belt with pride. A belt that I am now taking regularly to events to plug OSWtv. A year ago I would’ve been too self conscious about carrying a toy belt to shows but the last 12 months has taught me to be less shy and stop thinking about what others think of me. Just be me. I’ll cheer a guy coming to the ring carrying a baguette the loudest and proudest. I don’t care.
I never wanted to be a wrestler. I just wanted to be involved and at 24 I have done that. I hope to continue doing that for the foreseeable future. I don’t think I’d have the confidence to do the things I’ve done with regards to radio or even the website stuff without everyone that has been there along the way.
During my Radioskills course I was asked if I like anything else besides wrestling and I had to think. I had to think long and hard. This business has taken over my life and it’s all I think about. I’m not in the wrestling business, I am a guy that writes, shares and has an opinion. I like that, it isn’t a complaint.
Back to the wrestling figures for a bit, I was lucky, I got a lot of my figures bought for me and would usually get them for Christmases, birthday’s and special occasions. But I wasn’t spoiled in like, getting them for no reason. Which was a good thing, the thought of me being a spoilt brat that goes around the shops going “Mummy, mummy I want that one” makes me cringe. I would also save up pocket money or paper round money to get them also. But when push came to shove I would just edit the ones I had already and use them as subs. For example, Crash Holly with the use of a black marker pen became Randy Orton (when he debuted), Kurt Angle has this figure that had blue trousers on so with the adding of a t-shirt from another figure there was Shane McMahon, Masked Rider was Rey Mysterio, bald Kurt Angle? I just used a window sill and proceeded to scrape Angles head across it until he was a baldy. Imagination people. Something I think is lacked in this day and age with computers and internet. I had dial up, dial up! You kids today don’t know the struggles! I’m kidding, I had it easy.
We all did the same things growing up. Spit water like Triple H, you’ve caught yourself doing a Flair strut down your lobby, don’t lie to me. When you see tools in B&Q you think about having a Hardcore match and it takes a lot of power to not pick up the sledgehammer. A ladder is a challenge, not something to use for decorating. Catching yourself singing wrestlers themes out loud. Sneaking in catchphrases in everyday conversation. Sniggering at the word pie.
What did you do growing up that was directly influences by wrestling? The weirder the better!