OSWtv Meets…Caithness Pro Wrestling

What made you decide to start Caithness Pro Wrestling?

Its been many years in the making. Up here in Caithness there isn’t a lot to do. We are very much behind the times in terms of entertainment. I always believed there was a strong interest in Pro Wrestling in the Highlands, but in the far far north there isn’t ANY wrestling. Every few years a promotion would come to Wick and that was that. I decided that I could start a group, train locals in the art of Pro Wrestling and put on shows to not only support local causes but to bring MORE wrestling to Caithness. We are still in early stages but we have helped the Wick division of the Boys Brigade rebuild and refurbish their hall, in turn we have been given a home to train and perform.

Was it a difficult process to set up a wrestling company and was there a point where it looked like it wouldn’t happen? 

In all honesty setting up Caithness Pro Wrestling has been one of the hardest things I have ever, and could ever have done. I went through community based channels and we received no help, not due to a lack of interest, but its very hard to bring something new to people in this region, I met Robert Ferguson last year and we were operating out of a dilapidated run down shop, with no electricity or toilets. He offered us the hall we are currently housed in and has supported us ever since and in turn we helped him rebuild the Boys Brigade Wick. When he showed me the hall, I asked do you have toilets, once he said yes i knew there was no deliberating to be had.

You also provide training, tell us a little more about that. 

I offer training to any locals or people willing to travel to see us. We open every Tuesday and train from 10am to 7pm. I am lucky that I can be able to do this as it gives me plenty of time to nurture and train my students. We also have guest seminars from time to time. A regular guest trainer is a young man called Kieran Young from the Coventry scene. I tend to teach a hybrid of old school British grappling with the American style and good strong basics with in depth psychology and so far its paying off.

What makes Caithness Pro Wrestling different and must see?

We offer a good mix of wrestling and entertainment. I’m all about going to a show, connecting with a character and roaring for the win. Cheer the good guy, boo the bad guy (partial to a villain myself). We offer excitement, solid wrestling and an old school style of legitimacy. and just a great sense of community fun. Caithness Pro Wrestling is still in its infancy, but we are looking to become bigger and better.

What do you have in store for us in the future? 

Watch this space!

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