Over the last couple of days OSWtv has expanded its reach in terms of exposure.
At least once a month I will be appearing on the Alternative Wrestling Magazine website with a Scottish Wrestling Round Up. This month I looked ahead to August, which is always a big month for Scottish wrestling. Check out the article at
Last night I was added to the team at Across the Pond Wrestling where all the latest OSWtv stuff will appear and I’ll also have my own ATPW exclusive piece up once a month there. Check out their site at
Every Wednesday, Chris at A Wee Bit About asks a question to some wrestling fans, writers and bloggers and I am one of them, check out my opinion on a variety of subjects over at
The next event I will be attending will be SWE Hell for Lycra XI on August 30th, so a review will be done a couple days afterwards. Go to for more info on the event.
On top of that I am also helping out over on the British Wrestling Radio Facebook page so look out for me popping up over there.
I am also on t’radio over at WAVE Radio where I present the Tea Time Tunes Live Extra on Mondays from 7pm and 8.30pm. The last half an hour will be everything wrestling related. So go to or search for Wave Radio on the Tune In app.
Remember to also check out our friends over at;
Is that enough plugging for one day? If you want to see more head on over to