The Story of a True BRAVEHEART or an Evil BRAVEHART by The Grue


I’m writing about a man who had a vision, a dream like many, but his dream went so far beyond his own imagination. Some know him as David Low, but to the wrestling world he is known as Braveheart. For those who perhaps missed his career or those who would like to relive it, let us first start at the beginning. This is the story of Braveheart.

BSWA was a small promotion in Scotland even before SWE and all the other promotions that we have now. Back in the 1970’s it was known as Tyne and Wear Wrestling Promotions, at that time Scotland was still being entertained by the English promotions.

In the late 80’s, early 90’s, Tyne and Wear became BSWA which stood for British Style Wrestling Association. It was to have all the hype of the American glitz and glamour but the reality of the good old fashioned British wrestling with the exception of the round system. In 1995 a young man burst on the scene called David Low or Braveheart, who impressed everybody. At the age of 15 he won his first championship, the BSWA Cruiserwieght Championship. When he was asked about the name Braveheart, his reply was, “it was chosen in 1995 because I liked it and it had never been done and I wanted to do the whole patriot thing”, however, things were about to change for the young Braveheart as the promoter of BSWA was wanting to retire.

Braveheart seen an opportunity and bought the BSWA, turning it into what it is now Scottish Wrestling Entertainment, SWE was born. In a private conversation with Braveheart in early 2014 he said that he never imagined that the SWE would bring the likes of “The Million Dolar Man” Ted DiBiase, Rory McAllistair, DDP, Chavo Guererro, Roddy Piper, Tatanka and Bret “The Hitman” Hart to Dundee. However, bringing the “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase opened so many doors and helped him with other WWE Legends and Hall of Famers.

In 2003, SWE took off like a storm, going to Alyth and Blair Town Halls selling out 500 to 600 people. Braveheart decided that in the month of May, SWE would GO HELL FOR LYCRA and its first main event would be Braveheart v Chaz Phoenix for the SWE Heavyweight Championship.

In July 2004, Bravehearts’ dreams wouldn’t stop coming true, Lady Luck was definitely on the side of the SWE Promoter and, while in Canada, Braveheart visited the Hart Family home in Calgary, Alberta where he was invited to train in the Dungeon by Bruce Hart & TJ Wilson aka Tyson Kidd. Braveheart decided, out of respect for the family that had given up so much time to help train him and guide him, to ask if he could change his ringname from “Braveheart” to BraveHART. He also asked if he could use the Sharpshooter as a finishing hold. With their blessing, Bravehart returned to Scotland with a new look and a new found attitude.

In 2009, Bravehart contacted the Legendary “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase. Now in its 6th year it was time that Hell For Lycra broke the mould. Indeed that’s what happened in Perth at the famous Concert Hall and Horse Cross.  Ted Dibiase would act as The Flying Scotsmen’s (Claymore and Bravehart) manager. However bringing Mr DiBiase back the following year would prove to be a mistake.
Hell for Lycra 7, my first SWE event, The Flying Scotsmen would defend their SWE Tag Team Championships, only to lose them. Ted DiBiase arrived flashing his cash and out of nowhere Claymore was bought. He had shown everyone he had a price for the Million Dollar Man. Ted DiBiase had shown that no matter if it was Euros, Dollars or Pounds it was all the same. He bought Bravehart’s baby and brought back his old bodyguard, Virgil as a special guest referee, Ted now owned SWE.

However, Bravehart’s contract allowed him to stay and as he defeated Claymore at Hell for Lycra 8 to become a 2 time SWE Heavyweight Champion. Ted Dibiase decided he wanted more.
Not only did DiBiase want Bravehart’s SWE but he wanted it all! He wanted the only thing Bravehart had left, the only thing he held dear, the SWE Championship. So it was set Hell for Lycra 9, Ted DiBiase brought in the big guns, his right hand man, whom he had in WWF in 1994, the Native Warrior Tatanka. On this night Lady Luck was not on Bravehart’s side and his career was about to be cut short. During the match Tatanka took it to Bravehart not wanting to upset his boss.

It all unfolded during a special Piper’s Pit where Roddy Piper introduced The Million Dollar Man to the 800 strong crowd in Perth and then introduced Bravehart. DiBiase presented Bravehart with the brand new SWE heavyweight championship belt, which he and Piper both endorsed. As he presented the belt he said “Bravehart don’t get to attached to that belt son! Because you’re about to lose it in 15 minutes when Tatanka beats you into a bloody pulp!”, with Ted, the owner of SWE, and Roddy both looking on in the respective corners of Tatanka and Bravehart the battle started. Bravehart retained the gold on that night. He beat Tatanka, however, it wasn’t without cost. One too many tomahawk chops to the head and Bravehart’s career was shortened. Ignoring doctors orders he decided he could not walk away from professional wrestling, at least not while it was in the hands of the Million Dollar Man. Perhaps he felt that if he stayed he could fight the good fight. But was this a wise move?

In November 2012, Bravehart put his Championship on the line against his old friend and now his new arch enemy Mr News. That night Mr News made history by controversially beating Bravehart and ending his 434 days reign as Champion, the win shocked the SWE and wrestling world, what now? By December 2012, just before the year was over, Bravehart recaptured the SWE Championship, leaving Mr News questioning his future with the company.

In 2013 Bravehart continued with his European tour dates as planned although he was told not to travel and not to wrestle, he kept his word to the other promoters and fans. 2013 kicked it off a new era, welcoming the first ever SWE Uprising at Ardler Community Complex. A new GM was announced and his first act was that he was giving Mr News till end of March to come back to SWE to get his rematch.  However Chaz Phoenix had other ideas, with his partner Magners leaving SWE, The Syndicate were still recognised SWE Tag Team Champions, Chaz wanted to break his own record. He was the only man to hold the SWE Title 4 times and wanted to hold it a 5th time, his wish was granted one match with Bravehart for the title. In a brutal hardcore fashion, Bravehart would win, however, who should show up last minute to take his rematch any time anywhere? Mr News.

The following month April 2013, at Uprising, the main event was Mr News v Bravehart for the last time ever. 2 out of 3 falls. The first fall went to Mr News who would win by count out, the second would go to Bravehart as Mr News would pass out in the Sharpshooter and the final fall would be Mr News winning it by surprisingly pinning Bravehart with the “and Finally”.  With the brain injury and the effects of a stroke, Bravehart was told his career was over, he should not wrestle again as it could be life threatening.  Bravehart had unfinished bussiness, with no fight in him he decided that he could do nothing but walk away. Before he could announce it, and before he could get the words and with the fans begging him not to. DiBiase appeared on the projector screen and told Bravehart that he can’t quit as this isn’t his choice and at Hell for Lycra 10, it will be Bravehart vs DiBiase, “and after I kick your ass then you can retire hahahaha” Bravehart decided that this could work for him here, hell, he was going to retire anyway, why not try and get his company back, so he told Ted, “I’ll leave SWE forever if I lose but if I win, I get my company back”. However, there was a typical DiBiase swerve. DiBiase decided he didn’t want to get his hands dirty, so he hired the services of Doug Williams for the evening, Bravehart wasn’t confident going up against a Technical Wrestler like Williams in his condition, so he went in search. Low and behold, like a full circle, Bravehart got his long time friend and former tag team partner, Claymore. By the end of the night SWE fans were waving goodbye to old money bags, and were welcoming a new era in SWE the Era of Bravehart.

Fast forward 13- 14 months

How wrong they were, for the first time in 16 Months, Bravehart will lace up a pair of wrestling boots to face a man who calls himself Euan G Mackie. A man who, back in January, walked out on SWE and more importantly Bravehart. Now by his own words, one more bump, one wrong move it could be fatal for him but to get his hands on Mackie it will be worth it, when this does happen? Will we see Bravehart or Mackie carried out of the Bonar Hall? This isn’t just the simple case of tap out or 1, 2, 3. This is a fight!  It’s about respect, it’s about pride and it’s about dignity! Come August 30th, whose side are you on?

More stories to come from the Grue in the coming weeks.

You can get tickets now buy going online to or on the night at Hell for Lycra on Saturday August 30th at Bonar Hall, Dundee.