REVIEW: SWE Hell for Lycra XI 30/08/14


Meet & Greet

Doors opened on time and we were filed in. The Animal package was £20 and you could get a picture with Animal and you could wear the shoulder pads. Sounded cool. So I paid my money. We were told that we could get our picture taken then you’d have a minute to speak to Animal. A minute wasn’t needed as Animal was very short, uninterested and was looking ahead to the next person. Last year I had a similar experience with Ted Dibiase but they were running late due to a mistake by the Wellgate Centre so he was noticeably annoyed and wrongly took it out on us by having a glum face on him. Animal however, came across as just bored. The total opposite of the person sitting next to him, Dennis Stamp, I shook his hand and just wanted to say hello and he was an utter delight to speak to and, if there wasn’t a queue forming, I could have talked to Mr Stamp for hours.


Chris Duke and Amy Anderson took turns with the ring announcing. A lot is said about Duke but he could sell ice to the Eskimos. Such charisma and, when he talks, people listen.

Cage Match – Career vs Career
Chaz Phoenix def. Steven Magners

The promo package was played beforehand and got everyone hyped up…then the match happened. It started well, this was built as a personal feud and these guys want to kill each other. For that reason I’m not sure why Magners tried to escape so early in the match. The best thing about this match was the referee who had the grace of a ballet dancer. The match ended when Chaz and Magners both climbed the cage, Chaz wrapped something around Magners neck then climbed over the cage. Phoenix hit the floor and hung Magners by the neck. The match ended flat and not the feud ender that I expected. I have a feeling the Phoenix was to climb down onto the apron but slipped. It put across how sadistic Chaz is but the match itself was disappointing. Steven Magners has now retired from in ring competition but from the sounds of Magners post on Facebook, it isn’t the last we’ve seen of him.

After the match Chris Duke announced that a match would be shown on the screen while the crew took down the cage. Martyn Stallyon vs Damian O’Connor from the last Uprising show was shown. Cracking match, the balcony dive was awesome. This was a great idea as it kept people entertained while the cage was taken down, it also gave people a chance to meet Animal and Dennis Stamp if they couldn’t make the meet and greet earlier.

World of Sport Legends Match
Team Marty Jones (The Jackal & Rawlins) def. Team Johnny Saint (Mikey & Felix Fortune)

Originally announced as Marty Jones and Jackal vs Saint and Fortune, it was changed to the World of Sport Legends being represented by a team. It was the first time I had the pleasure to see the Reckless Intent guys and they were great. The crowd needed this match to uplift them after a disappointing opener. The Jackal has a way to just irritate the crowd by looking at them, an out and out heel. Felix Fortune is still very inexperienced and I think should wear a singlet until his body is more toned, he was surrounded by veterans so his performance was good. Mikey was great, a bit quick and at some points he didn’t let moves settle before going to the next. The highlight was a springboard front flip by Mikey, it was lovely. The finish came when a mass brawl were Marty Jones got punched by Felix in the melee. Fortune was rolled up and his tights held to get the win for Team Marty. Post-match all six where in the ring with Felix and Marty squaring up to each other.

Hopefully we see more of Mikey and Rawlins in SWE as they put on a good showing and working with the likes of The Jackal, Claymore and Ambrose, it will help with the little things but all the potential is there for them to have good runs in SWE.

The Trident (MDK, Darren Blair and Steven “Air” Myles) & Scott “The Butcher” Renwick def. Mr News, Claymore, LJT & Scotty Riccio

Wow. That’s what I can say about this match. All eight guys put in a shift and a half. LJT being the star, taking a lot of the beatings from The Trident and pulling off spectacular high flying moves. It was great to see Scotty Riccio back in the ring after an extended break due to a health scare and it looks like he’s as quick as ever, hitting a great Asai moonsault. Riccio, however, couldn’t handle the power of The Trident when MDK hit a World’s Strongest Slam and Steven “Air” Myles landed a picture perfect 450 splash for the win. Really fun match, after a poor start each match just got better and better.

“Global Hero” Joe Hendry def. Doug Williams

mmmmmmJoe Hendry…Global Hero! Joe Hendry came out with Marty Jones, who disappeared quite early and was never seen again…This match was a wrestling match, counters, reversals, submissions. Both guys were very crisp, clean and fluid in movement. Joe had been working heel at SWE he didn’t really show that in this. Doug was in control for a lot of the match until he made a mistake and Hendry locked in a cross armbreaker for the submission win. I’m a big fan of Joe Hendry and he had a good match with Doug. Worth another watch.

Flag Match – Future Division Championship
Christopher Saynt (c) def. “The Lowland Superstar” Glen Dunbar, LJT, Nikki Storm, Viper & Sammii Jayne

Originally billed as a scramble match, this was not…the flag was a Yes flag. On the SWE Facebook page SWE management said that they supported the Yes campaign and that it would be their only mention of this. I didn’t like that a Yes flag was used. I’m not here to discuss my views for or against and that is my personal business but to use the flag for a heel to win then spit on the Yes flag to build heel heat is wrong. The independence referendum should not be used in this way, actually it shouldn’t be used at all in wrestling. Not required. End of.

The match was okay. LJT pulled double duty and was still putting in 100%. Dunbar was very good, he hit a great spine buster move on Viper. Sammii was on fire again and Nikki was great just with her presence during the match. All got an equal amount of offense, except Saynt. He did low blow Viper to little effect though which was a good laugh. LJT was about to win until Saynt popped up with the title and leathered LJT then grabbed the flag. It was fine overall, just a little chaotic, much like the ladder match last year. No real story, the action was good but with no real story it was a wasted match with the talent involved. A scramble match or just a 6 way match without the flag would’ve been better suited in my opinion.

Damian O’Connor vs Animal – No Contest

Damo came out ready to face Animal, until The Trident entered and attacked Damo after he had destroyed them at Hellbound. Renwick entered a chair into the equation, Animal and John The Bomb Graham made the save. Animal picked up one of The Trident members and John The Bomb just about hit a makeshift Doomsday Device which more resembled a Hart Attack.

Right, this match didn’t happen. If Animal had an injury or something then why couldn’t the match be changed to say, a tag team match? Okay there is a lot of multi person matches but SWE haven’t been shy about making last minute changes to the card. Secondly, why wasn’t Animal in gear when he saved Damo? At least give us the illusion that he was going to wrestle. Especially as this was one of the big matches that was advertised.

“The Very Good” Euan G Mackie def. “The Evil Scotsman” Bravehart w/ Superstar Jam & Mutt

It was great to see Euan back in the ring and I was interested to see how Bravehart would preform, seeing as he hasn’t been in the ring for quite some time. Bravehart entered with Superstar Jam and Mutt, Mackie’s former Z-List comrades. Edith Summer was the referee for this bout and she had her own agenda with Bravehart after he punched her at Hellbound. Bravehart was on the attack early after Pearl Harbouring Euan at the start. It was a very heated match with the crowd solidly behind Mr Mackie. Bravehart locked in the Sharpshooter but Summer ignored the tap out. She was a feisty one in this and came out the star. She ducked a punch from Bravehart and Mackie sprayed mist before securing the win. Post-match Superstar Jam got a rollicking from Bravehart.

SWE Heavyweight Championship
#Scumbag Ian Ambrose def. Martyn Stallyon

I was looking forward to this, both guys work their asses off every time they get in the ring. Debbie Sharpe appeared early on looking…wow. Some, okay, one “fan” didn’t take kindly to Debbie’s presence and I’ll get to that later.

Dennis Stamp was announced as the special guest referee and was very lenient of the rules for this. Ambrose entered in a white lab coat with “I Am God” on the back along with medical latex gloves and a surgical mask. His gear was very Dexter-like and looked great. Started well with a lot of back and forth, slow build, these two are no strangers to each other. Ambrose was sporting the Red Rooster hair doo and was pulling it off. It was a pretty split crowd with both guys getting a good reaction. Stallyon took a scary knock to the head in a spot I’ve seen him do many times, he stumbled back and tangled his leg into the middle and bottom rope and fell out the ring but this time a sick thud was heard as his head smacked the wooden floor full force. Thankfully it just knocked some cobwebs and there was no lasting damage. The action went into the crowd with Stallyon springboarding onto the top rope and into the bodies of the security and Ambrose. They fought around the crowd and back to the ring. Debbie was strutting about and kept moving the SWE title around the apron which I found odd. The match ended when Stallyon was trying to send Debbie to the back and Dennis Stamp was distracted sending her back. Ambrose hit the codebreaker using the belt for the three count. A surprising win for Ambrose as it was all looking like Stallyon was taking the title home. Both guys put on a hell of a match and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Debbie left with Ambrose. I’m looking forward to see how this story develops.

Overall the positives far outweighed the negatives. There were some issues I had with the cage match, Animal, Marty Jones disappearing during the Joe Hendry – Doug Williams match, the Yes flag, just little things. I enjoyed the event as always and with this being my third Hell for Lycra I can start comparing them a bit more. It was a good Hell for Lycra, not as good as last year and with them announcing Hell for Lycra XII to be at the Caird Hall in Dundee on August 29th 2015 they have a lot of work to do to sell out the venue. I did a quick approximate count and reckon that there were 320-350 people in the crowd. A good number but the Caird Hall will need to have more. Much more. I have faith that it will be possible and I look forward to seeing it happen.

To provide an update about SWE Uprising, in October two former WWE Superstars will be appearing on the 25th at Uprising in a venue to be announced (I think I know the venue but will provide more information once I have confirmation).

Right onto a point about a couple incidents that happened with a fan. I will not name the fan as I am not here to shame them at all. Those who know who it is, know who it is. This person has a habit of being a nuisance at events but at Hell for Lycra they did the one no no, put their hands on the wrestlers. First they had an altercation with Euan G Mackie and they damaged his property and he retaliated by spraying mist at her. I agree that Euan had a right to retaliate. As soon as you put your hands on a wrestler, you are inserting yourself into a situation that they have the right to retaliate. This is their livelihood and anyone that risks that has to expect repercussions. The second incident was worse, they put their hands on Debbie Sharpe. Wrestling is scripted, these people are there to entertain us by putting on a show, risking their own health and well-being for us, we can boo, we can cheer but we DO NOT put our hands on them, especially in such an aggressive manner. I hope this person is banned from future events as that sort of behaviour is unacceptable. I have spoke to this person in the past and I don’t think that they grasp that wrestling is full of characters. When the show starts, the characters come to life. When the show ends, shake their hands, hug them and appreciate what they do. I have the utmost respect for anyone that gets involved in wrestling, the promoters, referees, wrestlers, managers, security, ring crew, anything. You put yourself out there and should not have to put up with stuff like that.

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