OSWtv’s Top 10 for 2014

It’s fast approaching the end of the year, on my final Monster FM show, The Top Turnbuckle, I reflected on the last year and it made me think about matches I had witnessed and trying to whittle them down to a Top 10. So here are my Top 10 matches that I watched this year and I’d love to hear your choices, they don’t have to be in order (because mine aren’t). There are many reasons why I picked some of these matches but the overall reason is the same, they entertained me. I have attended 10 events this year so have a great selection of matches to choose from.

Jack Jester vs Crusher Craib – WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy


This was a great build to a heated match. Jester had gotten into the head of WrestleZone Undisputed Champion Crusher Craib and showed his weakness. Jester won the Regal Rumble like Crusher had done the year previous and the showdown was set for Aberdeen Anarchy. It was showed what Jester had accomplished when he grabbed one of the camera girls ringside, Crusher begged for mercy. This was the monster showing human emotion. The story and the heat in the match was there and it was an epic conclusion to a fantastic event.

Kris Travis vs Ricochet – PBW Rock N Wrestle 2

Wow. This was the first time I had seen either wrestling live and they didn’t disappoint. Flips, kicks and amazing athleticism. I was in awe during this match. Not much more I can say but I hope it goes online or released on DVD at some point as it was a great match.

Ian Ambrose vs Martyn Stallyon – SWE Hell for Lycra XI

The hashtag scumbag and the golden boy of SWE faced off in the main event of SWE’s annual Hell for Lycra event over the SWE Heavyweight Championship. Dennis Stamp was the special guest referee and the lovely Debbie Sharpe appeared ringside trying to screw Martyn Stallyon out of his shot at the gold. This had everything, technical wrestling, high flying and even a brawl in the crowd. A delightful match and one to watch again.

Mike Musso vs Nathan Reynolds – W3L Live in Elgin
35 minutes of wrestling, complete with a great story. I was on my feet by the end of this match. The time limit hit at 30 minutes and Musso demanded that we saw a winner, teasing a heel turn. Both men put everything into the match and I had to applaud both involved. It was brilliant.

Thunder Buddies vs The Hotshots – WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy

This is how a ladder match is done. Thrills, spills and some ridiculously painful spots that left the crowd in awe. All four men deserved the standing ovation from inside the Beach Ballroom. I’m going to have to get my hands on the DVD at some point so I can watch it again.

Scotty 2 Hotty vs Grado – WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy

Another match from Aberdeen Anarchy, I’d say it was my favourite event this year.  Entertaining, fun and what you’d expect when these two collide in the ring. It was The Worm vs The Slug!

Joe Hendry vs Doug Williams – SWE Hell for Lycra XI

Now time for something different. This was a straight up wrestling match. Counter, reversal, and great chain wrestling. Showing a different side to Joe Hendry (Global Hero) and showing that he can do no wrong in the ring. Doesn’t hurt that he was in the ring with an accomplished veteran in Doug Williams.

Sammii Jayne vs Debbie Sharpe – SWE Uprising
From the January Uprising event and it was one of my favourite bouts between these two. It also saw the first time I saw Sammii’s new finisher, a springboard cutter called B*tch Please. It’s great to see these two get better with every match and they are fast becoming two of the best wrestlers in the country.


Kevin Williams vs Glen Dunbar – SWE Uprising and the Trident of Doom

A forgotten wee gem of a match with a fantastic finish which I won’t spoil for you. Again, this is a match that entertained me. It’s a bit silly but both guys pulled it off in fine fashion.


William Sterling vs Super Executioner – WrestleZone Live in Fraserburgh

Now this has made my Top 10 because it was ridiculously entertaining. This wasn’t a wrestling match, it was a comedy match but it was just too funny to not have up there in my favourites of 2014. There was a broom duel, a bowling spot, Star Wars sound effects. So fun to watch and sometimes it’s what you need between serious bouts.


Honourable mentions:

Bravehart vs Euan G Mackie – SWE Hell for Lycra XI
Bingo Ballance vs Andy Wild – WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy
Scotty Swift vs Aspen Faith – WrestleZone Live in Fraserburgh