PREVIEW: SWE Uprising ft. Paul London and Brian Kendrick 25/10/14


SWE Uprising ft. Paul London and Brian Kendrick
Ardler Complex, Dundee

Scottish Wrestling Entertainment return to the Ardler Complex thanks to fan support after they came out to protest the removal of Scott Rogers as Centre Manager. They signed petitions, held protests and Uprising has returned home to the Ardler.

It was announced at SWE Hell for Lycra XI that there would be special guests coming to the Ardler Complex on this special homecoming event as a thank you to those that helped bring SWE back to the Ardler Complex.

The special guests were announced as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions Paul London and Brian Kendrick with the little cherry on top with top womens wrestler Leah Von Dutch coming to Dundee.

This would be the fallout from Hell for Lycra XI as the first match announced was a rematch from the event. Let’s take a look at the announced matches and the issues surrounding the return of SWE Uprising.

SWE Heavyweight Championship
#Scumbag Ian Ambrose © vs Martyn Stallyon

The last time Martyn Stallyon was in the Ardler Complex he dove from the balcony onto Damian O’Connor. He plans to make history again by taking the SWE Heavyweight Championship from Ian Ambrose, who is in his ninth month as champion. At Hell for Lycra Debbie Sharpe turned out to be the difference maker as she left with the champion. Will she be making another impact? Ian Ambrose plans to make another 5* title defence and continue to hold the top prize in SWE.

Paul London vs “Global Hero” Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry defeated veteran grappler Doug Williams at Hell for Lycra in a wrestling clinic but now faces a new and different challenge in Paul London. The former WWE Cruiserweight Champion doesn’t plan to leave Dundee on the losing end but he’s never faced a Global Hero. Joe has proved he can adapt to any style be it a power game, or a grappling game, can he adapt to the high flying nature of the “Intrepid Traveller” Paul London?

Brian Kendrick vs LJT

LJT came out the losing end in both of his matches at Hell for Lycra and will be looking to get back onto the winning end of things by facing the former TNA X Division Champion. He came within a whisker of becoming Future Division Champion and with a win here he could stake his claim to a one on one match with the champion down the line.

Leah Von Dutch vs Nikki Storm

Another debut when Leah Von Dutch comes to Dundee to face the self proclaimed “Greatest Wrestler in the Galaxy” Nikki Storm. Trained by WWE Hall of Famer Edge, Leah Von Dutch will have her eyes set on making her debut a winning one but she has to contend with Nikki Storm, she may be arrogant but she can back up her claims to be the “Greatest Wrestler in the Galaxy”.

Claymore & Damian O’Connor vs MDK & Darren Blair

With Hell for Lycra still fresh on everyone’s mind, Claymore and Damian O’Connor still have unfinished business with The Trident. The hotly anticipated showdown between Damian O’Connor and the Legendary Road Warrior Animal was spoiled due to Damo being attacked by Scott Renwick and The Trident. Animal and John the Bomb chased off the quartet but the match didn’t take place. Damo will be looking to tear each member of The Trident limb from limb until he gets his hands on The Butcher. Claymore saw defeat at Hell for Lycra also so will be out to get a measure of revenge against Bravehart’s security team.

Steven Magners Retires

At Hell for Lycra XI, Chaz Phoenix defeated his long time tag team partner turned nemesis, Steven Magners, by escaping the steel cage. No doubt that Chaz Phoenix will be feeling proud of himself but, from subsequent Facebook posts by Magners, this may not be the last time we’ll see him in SWE. Phoenix will be looking to get back on track and have his mind set on the SWE Heavyweight Championship but will Magners play spoiler?

The Future is Saynt

After defeating the best in Scotland to hold onto his Championship at the Bonar Hall, Christopher Saynt will have to wait to find out who his next challenger will be. The Senastional one has been on a roll since winning the title and won’t be planning to let go of his prized possession just yet.

The Bravehart Factor

After losing to Euan G Mackie, being slapped by referee Edith Summer and being left with Green Mist on his face, Bravehart will be on the warpath. The SWE Owner will be looking to punish those who failed him, if I was Jam O’Malley,  I might give the return to the Ardler Complex a miss.

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