ARMCHAIR BOOKER: When Worlds Collide II


When Worlds Collide: WrestleZone vs World Wide Wrestling League

In the second instalment of When Worlds Collide, I look at two companies that I’ve been able to see a couple times now and both have strong core rosters. What if they faced off in an interpromotional war?

Scotty Swift (WZ) vs Mike Musso (W3L)

The two franchises, you could say, of both companies. WrestleZone runs through Swift’s veins as does W3L in Musso’s. In the battle for supremacy there are no one you’d rather see defending your company.

WrestleZone Undisputed Champion vs W3L Heavyweight Champion
Crusher Craib © (WZ) vs Nathan Reynolds © (W3L)

The top guys in their respective promotions. Both have defended their titles against some of the best Scotland has to offer. A showdown with no titles on the line but pride. Both are the Kings of their Jungle, who will be heading back with their tail between their legs?
Zach Dynamite (WZ) vs Dickie Divers (W3L)

This would be the dark horse to be match of the night. Both guys can mix up their styles to suit. Will it be a technical affair? A high flying contest? A brawl? Could be a bit of everything. Zach Dynamite is very confident in his own abilities while Divers likes to have his actions speak more than words.

Aspen Faith w/ KT Kane (WZ) vs King Liam w/ Carmel (W3L)

The King of Catch vs The King. Royalty colliding. Both guys are very diverse with Liam holding the experience advantage over Faith. Both will have back up in their corners with KT Kane and Carmel. I think the only real question is, who will outsmart the other?

W3L Tag Team Championships
Tag Team Gauntlet
The Coffeys (Mark Coffey & Joe Coffey) © (W3L) vs Thunder Buddies (William Sterling & Blue Thunder) (WZ) vs Britians Most Wanted (Damian O’Connor & Scott Renwick) (W3L) vs The Hotshots (Shawn Johnson & Bryan Tucker) (WZ) vs Lord Alan Sterling & Lucian Maynard-Smythe (WZ/W3L)

Four experienced tag teams in this one all holding Tag Team gold in the past. The fifth team made up of the high class Lucian Maynard-Smythe and the Lord (in his own mind) Alan Sterling, brought together by their apparent aristocracy will be looking to form a united front and lift the W3L Tag Team Championships.

WrestleZone Tag Team Championships
Revolution (Damien & Johnny Lions) © (WZ) vs El Technico & Morado (W3L)

The current WrestleZone Tag Team Champions, Revolution, have beaten the best tag teams in WrestleZone and want a new challenge. Enter two highflyers in El Technico and Morado. The masked grapplers are unlike anything Revolution have faced before. Revolution are all about making a statement and a victory over the masked team will do that.

Chris Archer & The Alpha Male (WZ) vs Euan G Mackie & Nathan Black (W3L)

An interesting pairing, Archer and Mackie both bring their muscle with them. Looks are deceiving though when it comes to Nathan Black who can spring off the ropes like a cruiserweight. The Alpha Male is a big imposing dude but Euan G Mackie isn’t one to cower in fear and would step up face to…crotch. Archer is a weaselly individual so will look for a way to sneak a pin in. A good story will be told here.

The Super Executioner (WZ) vs The Bulgarian Baker (W3L)

Okay this is a comedy match. Both aren’t normally on the winning end of things but can either buck that trend? The Baker was BREAD to overcome the odds and KNEEDS to win. The Super Executioner needs the DOUGH to buy deodrant and rid the Super Smelly nickname bestowed to him by the WrestleZone crowd.