REVIEW: PBW Capital Clash 26/10/14


PBW Capital Clash Review
Liquid Room, Edinburgh

Good time of the day to you people of the internet. I wasn’t sure about writing a review of this event, mainly due to being knackered while watching the event and my memory lets me down at the best of times. Quick backstory, drove from Elgin to Edinburgh and back in one day, drove around Edinburgh with Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian and Chris Masters, got lost. Probably awaiting fines for driving down one way streets the wrong way and going down bus lanes. I blame the sat nav but it won’t be paying the monies. Damn you expensive Edinburger!

But because I love you guys…in a manly way, I will write my thoughts on the events, matches, etc, etc in the only way I can, with words.

PBW Championship Match
El Ligero (c) def. “Bad Boy” Liam Thomson

Liam Thomson opened the event bad mouthing the people of his hometown of Edinburgh and that when he travels around the world he doesn’t tell people he’s from Edinburgh. Well the risk of having the hometown boy against the current champion and being supported 100% was twarted by the always great Thomson. This was the first time I’d seen El Ligero wrestle and he certainly made an impression. After little persuasion Ligero agreed to defend his PBW Championship against the former champion and almost made quick work of Thomson. Both men worked the crowd beautifully with repeated “Si!” chants towards Ligero. Ligero worked Thomsons hand after he missed a chop on the ring post which sounded painful. Top quality action with both sharing the offense, Liam hit a great backcracker which had everyone on the edge of their seats. Liam grabbed the PBW title with the intention to use it on Ligero but the referee intervened, Ligero ended the match with a top rope splash. Fantastic start to the show. I thoroughly enjoyed the match to kick off the event, Liam Thomson asked the referee to explain the finish, he’s such a great character.

Tommy Marx and Kay Lee Ray def. Davey Blaze and Carmel w/ Charles Boddington

The PBW Facebook page says the result was the other way round but I’m sure it was the result above. As I say I’m running on little sleep so could be mistaken. Kay Lee Ray was originally due to team up with Grado but he pulled out of the event at the last minute and was replaced by Tommy Marx. Before the match started Carmel and Charles Boddington had a great bit of banter, both are great on the mic. Mocking Grado and deciding that if can’t be bothered to come to Edinburgh then why should they. As they were leaving Kay Lee Ray and Tommy Marx entered. Forgot to mention Davey Blaze there who looks like he loves his bad guy persona in PBW. Another fast paced match but lacked a little something, not sure what it was. I enjoyed the match but I don’t know it was a gut feeling, maybe a little mistiming on Tommy’s part showing some inexperience but the action was fine. Davey hit a blistering spinebuster on Marx and Carmel was gold on the apron shouting that Davey was the best…after Liam, great stuff. Kay Lee hit a gory bomb onto Carmel and she pinned Carmel while Tommy pinned Davey for the win. A fun match but maybe not as tight as it could’ve been.

Jack Jester def. Chris Masters

The first half main event was Jack Jester vs Chris Masters. This was a very entertaining and I will go as far to say it was my match of the night, not that I give out said awards. Before the match started there was a silence and we could hear the commentary, so did Chris Masters who started commentating the start of his match for fun, it was brilliant to watch as you could see Jester was trying not to laugh. I’m not going to do a blow by blow account of the match but there were some great highlights, Masters was thrown into the bar and came back with part of the dishwasher. Jester put Masters onto one of the front row chairs which broke under the weight of Masters to which Jester shouted “He’s Hardcore! He’s Hardcore!”. Jester grabbed a chair which Masters countered by getting a chair himself only for Jester to drop the chair and start shouting at the referee to get that chair off Masters. Honestly, this was so entertaining. Jester even threw in some chain wrestling which was great. When the DVD comes out, get it for this match especially. Jester countered the Masterlock with a lowblow and rolled up Masters for the tainted win. Highly enjoyable.

Kenny Williams def. Lou King Sharp

Back from the first half and it was time for one of the matches I was really looking forward to. Both guys are young, fast and get a great reaction with Kenny being a very much loved fan favourite and the Lou King Sharp character is so entertaining. This was very fast so keeping up with the action was a difficult one but we got some great stalling spots from Sharp, he really owns his character and can get the crowd going. His only real flaw is his size, but he’s still in his teens and very early into his career so I don’t expect that to be an issue forever but if he’s this good now, he’ll be even better in the future. Kenny Williams, well, he’s certainly a star on the rise and getting better with every match. I think this will be a match we’ll see again and will just go up a level every time. Good match, not as good as I expected, maybe I over hyped it in my head, but I did enjoy what these guys offered.

TJ Rage def. El Technico

TJ Rage was replacing James Scott to face El Technico. There was one lady up in the balcony who LOVED El Technico and would give TJ Rage a telling off every time he hit an offensive move. Only the second time I’ve seen El Technico in action and I enjoyed his athleticism and he worked really well with the bigger Rage. There was a couple spots that were missed but in my opinion it was put in this place as a bit of a cool down before the main event. TJ hit a stunning spear for the win.

PBW Tag Team Championships
Just Uz (BT Gunn and Stevie Xavier) (c) def. The Addiction (Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian)

Main event time, Daniels and Kazarian entered in awesome X-Men inspired gear and both cut sarcastic, heel promos to antagonise the crowd. Both were on top form running down the men and women in attendance and letting their ego run wild when introducing each other. Just Uz were out next, Stevie was wearing a black long sleeved top, like under-armor, and proceeded to wrestle in it which struck me as odd. Could’ve been an injury or maybe he wasn’t as toned and wasn’t body confident. Any who, that was just something I noticed. Christopher Daniels took on all comers in the crowd with some fantastic put downs. The action itself was great, BT Gunn was on top form as always, I found Stevie was a little slower than when I’ve seen him previously (hence why I think he could be carrying an injury) but it didn’t stop him hitting a wonderful running shooting star press onto Kazarian. Both teams had some fantastic double team moves and proving that they are two of the best tag teams in the world. Chemistry a-plenty. Just Uz got the win in a great main event for PBW’s debut in Edinburgh. Post match, BT Gunn thanked everyone and also thanked Daniels and Kazarian for coming to PBW, Daniels replied in kind and thanked everyone also, he also said that they would like to face Just Uz again in the future. I hope this happens as I think they just scratched the surface of what these four can do together.

Overall: I really enjoyed this show. Had a little bit of everything. The imports were great and put over the PBW talent brilliantly, nobody phoned in their performance. A couple blown bits and pieces but that is the nature of the beast, it’s live entertainment folks. The staff worked hard with the set up of the meet and greet and organising the event on a whole. I didn’t see what the balcony was like but there were very few empty seats around ringside. PBW have announced that this event will be released on DVD and I, for one, can’t wait to watch it again. Especially the Masters-Jester match with the commentary. I apologise for this vague review but I would recommend getting this on DVD though as it was a great show and worth multiple watches.