Elgin – An Untapped Market?


I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, there should be a wrestling promotion taking advantage of the Highlands and Moray. W3L pop up here for a tour of the north once a year, WrestleZone are in the area maybe once, twice a year. It’s not enough. A regular wrestling show in the area would boost the audience at every event and would make sense. Elgin is a central point of Moray, the mid point between Inverness and Aberdeen plus it’s a short distance from the Speyside area. It’s a good tourist whiskey region, not that it’s totally related but it means people come to Elgin from all over the world. It’s also boasts a fantastic rail and bus network and would be able to connect with many towns and cities. It’s also about an hour drive from both Inverness and Aberdeen airport. It could draw people from all sides to Elgin.

In terms of having the market, the last three W3L events I have attended in Elgin have always had a good crowd. I’m not talking sold out at the Barras, but a good crowd that could build a foundation. Some of the people coming to the events only get the chance to see wrestling live once a year when W3L come to town, by putting on a monthly event, or every other month would get more and more people interested and would be spread by word of mouth along with regular advertising. Elgin could be a wrestling city if someone takes advantage.

In terms of venues, Elgin Town Hall is currently being renovated but once completed it would be a good venue with plenty of access for parking and also has a licence for an on site bar. The Bishopmill Town Hall is where W3L held their previous show in the area, which is only a 10 minute walk from the centre (if that). It is a nice venue but it let down by a lack of parking, but this would be a small issue, as I said above, it’s only a 10 minute walk from the centre.

On that same token, Rock N Wrestle held an event as part of their Highland Slam Tour in Forres this past October, a 20 minute drive from Elgin, and will be coming back to the Victoria Hotel in February for Return of the Jester. Something as regular as that could be done in Elgin and would build a core audience that could lead to expanding into something bigger.

I’m not saying it would happen overnight but with a good team and a commitment to the cause it could be something special.

Is there a town or city that you think could benefit from having wrestling regularly?

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