The Misadventures of WWE 2K15


As I am a sucker to the WWE corporate machine I picked up WWE 2K15 on launch day for the PS3. And overall it is WWE 2K14 with a couple new characters and less of everything else. In 2K14 I created about 70 Scottish wrestlers (about 25+ others were made by Adam Wilson and David Colvin) and I had a bursting ICW, SWA, SWE and WrestleZone roster. This year I was excited to see what new options there would be for creating characters and…there was none. It’s the same content as last year. I wasn’t going to make any Scottish wrestlers this year because quite frankly, I could just play 2K14 with the huge roster I had at my disposal. But as the week went on I decided to make one or two from SWE, WrestleZone and Reckless Intent to mix up the tiresome gaming. There’s only so many times you can watch the same cut scene in WWE Universe without growing tired of it.
From then I decided to whip out my camera phone and record some footage of my creations. There is no instant replay in the pause menu or anything like that so I had to record whole matches instead of picking bits and pieces. What a strange thing to remove.
Damo vs Grado
Damo and Grado were my first creations (bar myself). Last year I wasn’t happy with them in 2K14 and I couldn’t get them quite right. Damo’s caw is far better than last years creation with his beard looking bushier and I was a bit more careful with Grado’s tattoos. This was the first one I recorded and to be honest it was just to have Damo do Coast to Coast because it looks awesome seeing the big bear fly.
Crusher Craib vs Rawlins
Crusher was one of my favourite creations from last years game as I took a lot of time to get his logo on his singlet right. This year I improved it a little but essentially it’s the same character model as 2K14. I didn’t make Rawlins last year as I ran out of space and only had room for a couple Reckless Intent guys. I was really happy about how this one turned out. The match above is a squash but Rawlins does kick out of Crushers chokeslam and counters the Big Boot much to my surprise.
6 Man Battle Royal
Final match I posted was a 6 man elimination match with the rest of the CAWs I created, except for the Nikki Storm one for obvious reasons, Ian Ambrose vs Aspen Faith vs Martyn Stallyon vs Saint George vs LJT vs Jackie Grady. I was happy with the attires but the faces are always a pain to recreate. So from a distance you can tell who they are, well I think so anyway. I realised midway through this match that I hadn’t edited Jackie Grady’s moveset so it’s terribly generic along with a DDT finisher.
So there are a couple things I’ve done in WWE2K15. I’ve given up with collecting trophies as it’s so mundane and boring to do but I’ve found ways to make it more playable by doing the above.
I’d love to know if you’ve made any Scottish or British wrestlers in your game and your thoughts on WWE 2K15 contact me at or send me a Tweet @VoiceOfOSW
If you want to find my creations on WWE 2K14 or WWE 2K15 you can add my PS3 ID: TNA_Enigma.



    • Just tried to follow closely, the face isn’t great and as I can see on the next gen versions it’s far easier on PS4 and Xbox One to create them. It’s been updated since this video.

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