OSWtv Meets…The Great Sambroso Maestro

When did you start watching wrestling and was there a moment that got you hooked?

Growing up in Cheewawa in the North of South Central Mexico was always a struggle. Money was always a constant worry and we could only afford 6 man servants. The Maestros were always respected though for 3 reasons.

We are the oldest and most established wrestling family in all of Cheewawa.
We had the best and largest tequila farms.
We would shoot those that showed disrespect.

My Grandfather was the top starter on Saturday Morning’s great Mexican Wrestling show ‘Sociedad Hortícola Real’ where he held the prestigious ‘Pavimentación Loca’ title longer than anyone else. How could you not be hooked when he regularly competed against other giants of the sport like Hero Man and a random donkey that has walked into the studio during the week.

Then in 2007 we were introduced to a new concept that changed everything forever.

We received a magic box called a ‘Video Cassette Recorder’. When plugged into a television showing wonderful images and beautiful sounds when you placed a ‘obsolete format’ into the front. We had one of these such black cuboids labelled ‘The Tuesday in Texas’ and featured people wrestling in a place called Dubble Yoo See Dubble Yoo.

I watched this event over and over again until the pictures started to not be as pretty. And quite annoyingly the bit that was the most watched was the bit that didn’t look as pretty over time the most! The man that inspired me to be the greatest I could be… Robocop.

I have been using the you tube to find more of the Robocop but he does not seem to have much regarding his wrestling career. This must be because of three reasons.

1. He was so incredible that he was able to rely on only the fortune he made from the small amount of matches he did.
2.  People were too afraid to fight him
3. He stuck with acting (The Robocop 3 is the most successful movie of all time after all)

I see how inspiring The Robocop is and therefore feel the children need a figure like that in their lives. I want to be the Fleshy Robocop of Scottish Wrestling.

What made you decide to start training to be a wrestler and where did you start?

To be the physical specimen and honed master strategist and mental piranha I am today required training in the great gyms and arenas throughout the world. I have travelled to Japan, The USA, Crosshill – all the places. They have taught me the great actions such as ‘the head-lock’, ‘the wrist-lock’ and the ‘stop showing us your bum when you pee-go to a cubicle, close the door and use the-lock’

It was here I realised that my wonderful and inspiring presence could make a real difference in the lives of the children and their attractive yet low self-esteemed single mothers. Based on extensive research on this basis, going to train at Reckless Intent was the obvious choice! My training at the Reckless Intent Unit has improved and honed my skills to ensure that the people who come to Reckless Intent are safe from my awesomeness. They have taken all my skills and dazzlement and taught me lessons such as ‘running ropes’ and ‘moves’.

Who are your biggest influences in professional wrestling?

Well obviously my Grandfather the great ‘Grand Maestro’ will be forever my greatest idol. It is such a shame that the television studio and all footage of him burned in the big fire.

Since moving to the Europe I have seen many greats. I enjoy the styles of ‘The One’ Billy Gunn, Michael McGillicutty and Way Bryatt

Most of all though, I am my own hero, I am a spark of glittery light in the darkest dank areas of society (this is a metaphor for Livingston). How can someone who is so loved and fabulous yet so selfless and modest not be my idol. Was this a trick question?

You recently made your Reckless Intent debut at Over the Top, what do you hope to accomplish in, say, the next 5 years?

I believe that all goals should be achievable, I have created a 5 year plan that slowly yet surely creates magnificence yet subtle change not only for myself but all my Sambrosians!

Year 1- Save the people of Livingston. Defeat St George in a loser gets deported match.
Year 2 – Begin my second year as longest serving Sunday Slam Champion ever. Have the Christmas number one.
Year 3  – Become President of Reckless Intent. Install Robocop as Commissioner and Jimmy the Wee as Assistant Chief Operating Officer. Become First Minister of Europe.
Year 4 – Sunday Slams will appear opposite the Who Doctor on Saturday Nights. My championship reign will be so influential all war will end and global warming will cease.
Year 5 – Following the climax of a brief and overwhelming 99.8% Global Electoral vote, the United Kingdom will be renamed Maestroland and I will be worshipped as a living deity.

And finally, who would be your dream opponent, past or present?

I would like to face Hulk Hogan circa 1962. The Wikipedia tells me he would of been 9 then – I am sure I could have taken him out.

We asked Sambroso if there was a way to contact him through social media, this was his response.

The Great Sambroso Maestro uses the social media to connect with the common people. By adding Sambroso Maestro as a friend (please be noted we would not be considered actually friends as I find it both unnecessary and unnerving to be associated with the normals) you will be accepted and have the ability to interact with the greatest wrestling personality to come out of central the world.