Across the Pond Wrestling Meets…Grado


Across The Pond Wrestling recently caught up with one of the stars of TNA British Bootcamp and Chubby Wee Chancer Grado and talked about British Bootcamp and the UK wrestling scene. Here’s a little teaser.

Hey Grado. The first question is quite a generic one. How have you found the British Bootcamp experience?

It’s been amazing because I’ve got the chance to wrestle in America. I’ve managed to fulfil a childhood dream that I’ve always wanted to go and wrestle in front of a live crowd in America. There’s nae better feeling in the world. Also because I’ve had a lot of people telling the Grado character wouldn’t work in America, Grado wouldn’t go over in America, I went to America and managed to get myself over with some of the crowds. I’m glad, the experience so far has been amazing. Getting to TNA and getting to share the ring with Samoa Joe, Al Snow and Gail Kim, has been a very good experience.
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