OSWtv Top 5 Events 2014


Previously on OSWtv I listed my top 10 matches for this year so in the same vein here are my top 5 events that I went to this year. It was a tough job whittling it down to five and each event was had something special that separated it from others, all choices are my personal opinion. So let’s start from number five.
5. W3L Live in Elgin
After the last two W3L shows in Elgin I was a little apprehensive as it seemed built around getting the kiddies involved and inflatable flipping hammers. But this time, it was in a different venue which looked better, the card was more serious in the sense that it was WRESTLING. Mike Musso and Nathan Reynolds stole the show in 35 minutes+ of action and storytelling. The fact that the Bulgarian Baker match was in association with OSWtv just added to the epicness. It was also a personal favourite as I took my brother to the event and it was his first wrestling show. He loved it.
4. WrestleZone Regal Rumble
I went to the Regal Rumble on a whim after a fantastic PBW event the night before. It was my first WrestleZone event since Aberdeen Anarchy the previous year but I was aware of what was happening on the show. Jack Jester vs Sonjay Dutt? Jay Lethal vs Grado vs Zach Dynamite? Well I can’t NOT go. I also love battle royals, royal rumble style matches. The intensity of the Aspen Faith-Len Ironside confrontation and the staredown then subsequent brawl between Jack Jester and Crusher Craib which continued to Aberdeen Anarchy just capped it off.
3. PBW Rock N Wrestle 2
The night before the Regal Rumble I went to PBW Rock N Wrestle 2 in Inverness which boasted a great line up which was highlighted by Kris Travis against Ricochet and Jay Lethal against Liam Thomson. It was also the first Rock N Wrestle event I got to help out at which was a surreal experience as it is.
2. PBW Capital Clash
My first drive down to Edinburgh for PBW’s debut in the capital. I just got the DVD of this event so will be watching it again in the next few days because  I really enjoyed this event. Chris Masters vs Jack Jester was brilliant along with Just Uz vs Christopher Daniels and Kazarian. When you start a show with Liam Thomson vs El Ligero you know it’s going to be a great event.
1. WrestleZone Aberdeen Anarchy 2014
By far my favourite event of 2014. This had everything I wanted in a wrestling show, it had the brutal barbaricness of the ladder match between Thunder Buddies and The Hotshots, the pure wrestling in Aspen Faith and Len Ironside, the comedy of Scotty 2 Hotty and Grado and main evented by the wonderful story and heated rivalry of Jack Jester and Crusher Craib. In between that was the excellent character of Alan Sterling and a six man war that included X-Pac. If there is a event you have to get your hands on, then this is the one.
So there is my Top 5 events of 2014. I had to be very picky as there were some events that just missed the Top 5. What were yours? Contact me at VoiceOfOSW@gmail.com and let me know!