The OSWtv Address II


I have fitted in more wrestling shows this year than I have in the last two years combined. I’ve already got an ever filling calendar for 2015 on the cards. In amongst this I started the OSWtv WordPress site that is creeping closer to 10,000 views in 8 months which I’m very happy about.

Onto 2015 I hope to continue with the site and Facebook page and start getting more Q&A’s and podcasts. It’s all a work in progress and plans that I had that fell by the wayside (like the OSW Review style videos) will stay there until I build OSWtv into the premier place for Scottish wrestling news. I will also be looking for more writers and content so that it isn’t just me and my opinion 24/7. I brought Craig Hermit on board to do a piece every so often and that’s great as it provides another voice talking about Scottish wrestling. It’s all steps towards something bigger.

The last 12 months in terms of support and help getting OSWtv out there has been incredible and there’s a list as long as my arm of people that have done so much for the page be it a nugget of advice or agreeing to answer questions. I’m just a wrestling fan in my living room typing away but it’s every person that answers the Q&A’s, share the reviews, read the articles and like the Facebook page that make it all worthwhile. I’ve always said that I would do this whether I got 1 view or 1000 but the fact that people are reading, watching and sharing, it’s humbling for sure.

I know I’m rambling and it’s often the case every couple months I ramble away thanking folk for being involved but, I’ll be honest, 2013 sucked it was a rubbish year. But thanks to this, this page and the people I’ve met through it, 2014 has been a blast and I’ve never been happier.

So for the millionth time, thank you.

Billy Strachan,
The Big Cheesy.