The World Will Be Watching


2015 will be a pivotal year in professional wrestling in Scotland and the UK on a whole. With a wave of momentum stemming back to the BBC documentary Insane Fight Club and the upcoming Insane Fight Club 2: This Time It’s Personal on the horizon, wrestling fans across the country will be hoping that this is the year that Scottish professional wrestling hits the television screens on a regular basis and I don’t mean a graveyard slot on MyChannel or a two second mention on Challenge.
2014 is just about in the books and the growth in popularity for professional wrestling is coming faster than (insert blue joke here). Shows selling out on a consistant basis for companies across the country, shows packed full of talent that not only caters the present but also the future of professional wrestling.
With the growth in popularity and the depth of talent that the industry now boasts, it’s little wonder that there are so many outlets talking about the rise of Scottish professional wrestling. Whether it is a blog, podcast, video or Facebook page, it’s great to see so many people get involved and come together to support this.
While trying to think of any negatives this year, it’s hard to place a specific low point with the major exception of the Lionheart neck breaking incident and Kris Travis being diagnosed with cancer. But even with the latter, the whole wrestling community around the world banded together to raise further awareness and funds for cancer charities.
2014 was a year of break throughs, from Joe Hendry becoming the Global Hero to Kenny Williams proving he is the bollocks. It was a year of big wins like Grado winning the Pro Wrestling Elite Heavyweight Championship and huge moments like Drew Galloway coming home. To launches that actually took place like ICW OnDemand for a bargain price of £3.75 a month and the Barrowlands in Glasgow being sold out.
So what has 2015 got in store? If 2014 is just the starter, then 2015 is the main course with the meat of all the hard work sizzles. 365 days…8760 hours…525600 minutes of Scottish wrestling is on the horizon. 
One thing is for sure. The world is watching…