Modern Day Dream Match by the OSWtv Community


I asked the OSWtv community on Twitter and Facebook to come up with a modern day dream match between WWE/TNA stars and wrestlers in Scotland. Here are some of the replies.

@DunnEuan on Twitter
@VoiceOfOSW @NoamDar v @WWEDanielBryan

@gwar_79 on Twitter
@VoiceOfOSW BT Gunn v @wwebalor [Finn Balor]. I’ve been there before…but damn was it good. I want more!

Kenneth Millar on Facebook
Austin Aries, Cesaro and Noam Dar.
Think it would be a hell of a match.

Chris Kelly (From A Wee Bit About) on Facebook
I think I’d like to see Bobby Roode v Chris Renfrew, both claiming to be the IT factor of their respective companies, both trying to use dastardly techniques to sneak the win.
He followed up with
Although ex-TNA, The Young Bucks / Generation Me vs The Bucky Boys would also be fast paced immensness.

Ian Holland on Facebook
Daniel Bryan vs BT Gunn

@HEELMcnab on Twitter
@VoiceOfOSW Mikey Whiplash vs Cesaro

@_dec0y on Twitter
@VoiceOfOSW Hideo Itami vs BT Gunn

@GingerPimpernel on Twitter
@VoiceOfOSW DCT vs Heath Slater. Imagine the shenanigans.
He also added
Also, on a serious note, Joe Coffey vs Daniel Bryan.

@revstjames on Twitter
@VoiceOfOSW I’ve always fancied @Joe_Coffey versus @OfficialTAZ in his prime – would be a brutal contest

All the choices above would be fantastic. Thank you to the people getting involved. If you have a modern day dream match contact me on Twitter @VoiceOfOSW or at