By Any Means Necessary – Ian Ambrose by Craig Hermit

There has been one man that has been the SWE constant among a turbulent year, a year that has seen the arrival of the incredible Trident team, the brutal feud between Steven Magners & Chaz Phoenix and then after the Supershow, Hell for Lycra – the power struggle between the SWE founding members for control of the company, that constant has been SWE Heavyweight Champion, Ian Ambrose.

January 31st 2015 isn’t just a monumental event for SWE, as it’s their first show of 2015, one milestone will arrive, if Ian Ambrose retains his title during that event, Ian Ambrose will have entered into an exclusive group. Men who have held the SWE Heavyweight Championship longer than one year and seven days, only four longer title reigns have come before him after this time.

Prince of Pain – 10 years.
Bravehart – 6 years.
Bravehart – 1 year 2 months 20 days.
Chaz Phoenix -1 year 1 month 8 days.

On January 25th 2014, SWE Heavyweight Champion Damian O’Connor was challenged by Ambrose and to many people at the time, they saw this as a match that O’Connor would have won if it wasn’t for Ambrose’s partner-in-crime, Sammii Jayne. With her assistance, and Ambrose’s desire to do anything to win, that night O’Connor lost the title, much to the disappointment of the fans, and a new Champion was crowned.

As his arrogance and showmanship began to reach new levels, a new #1 contender would be announced, that man would be the UK’s #2 wrestler of that year “Global Hero” Joe Hendry.

The two would have a great series of matches that would have the fans realising during the match that they truly underestimated Ambrose’s wrestling skills and towards the end of those matches, after he found away to sneak a victory, that they knew he would do anything to keep that title.

During these victories, fans questioned that there may be an alliance between Ambrose and the villainous owner of SWE, Bravehart. A possible way to help Bravehart keep his control over the title but this was to be disproved as  Bravehart demanded that Ambrose would face Gabriel Angelfyre on the same night he would face Joe Hendry again. The owner’s plan backfired and Ambrose once again kept the Title within his grasp but there was a bigger challenge on the way for the Champion.

Anyone being a Champion of a wrestling company knows that they are symbolically walking around with a target on their back and Ambrose had three men taking aim.

Mr News who hadn’t been granted a rematch after he lost the SWE Heavyweight Championship, wanted his rematch. Damian O’Connor had arrived back demanding his rematch and Martyn Stallyon who had worked his way into contendership for the title all wanted there shot. Bravehart issued that they would have a triple threat match that left one man standing and after a fantastic bout, O’Connor was ready to face the Champion.

With the feud reignited between the two Ambrose again only just managed to defeat the destructive O’Connor, with help from The Trident, but there were differences between this match and many others, fans were beginning to cheer for opportunist Ambrose and his technical ability was shining through his cheating ways.

As the threat of O’Connor disappeared, Bravehart decided that the “Power Couple” of Ambrose and Sammii Jayne would complete against each other and the two would have a twenty minute scorcher of a match, both excelled in the bout that had a great reception from the fans and Ambrose would still remain Champion.

The high flying, Martyn Stallyon seized his chance and issued the challenge to Ambrose after he had gained an opportunity to face the Champion anytime he wanted and he decided that match would be at Hell for Lyrca.

That night, the two would have the match of the night and a contender for SWE match of the year and despite Stallyon doing everything he could to stop Ambrose, the Champion would retain his title once again leaving the fans in shock. The rematch on the next event afterwards, would tell the same story with Ambrose taking the win in another fantastic match.

With another excellent SWE member of the roster defeated, the juggernaut that was Ambrose continued and ran straight into the highflying and death-defying SWE Legend, LJT.

Both men would have a great match that would have a questionable controversial ending that would lead to a rematch that would again see Ambrose remaining Champion, and that brings us to January 31st…

In a year, a man who debuted in 2009, who was a former holder of the Future Championship managed to seize the SWE Heavyweight Championship and hold it up until at least the 31st January, it has become clear that Ian Ambrose, who has grown technically and strengthened his wrestling ability, will be willing to take any step as long as it keeps him the title.

You can call the self proclaimed “Scumbag” controversial, charismatic and chaotic but right now all the SWE fans should only call him one thing, Champion. He’s earned that title now.