iRant 2: Rant Harder


Good morning readers, it is I, Billy. Today I want to get something off my chest that has bugged me for a while but I could never get it written down. This morning I saw something that has spurned me to at least try.
I don’t know whether I’m a perfectionist or just anal about spelling but I’ve seen some “interviews” and “articles” over the last couple days that just make me shake my head. If you’re wanting to be taken seriously at least spellcheck. Some of the stuff I received isn’t the most grammatically correct or as nicely laid out but it wouldn’t be published until I have proofread and corrected the errors. That isn’t a bad thing, I don’t mind doing that, as it’s quite rare that I have to make any major changes.
I’ll admit mistakes can fall through the cracks, I am human after all, and if any are noticed I am more than happy to make amendments and even after I’ve published a piece I will still read it a few more times to make sure nothing is missed. My English and grammar isn’t always the best but God damn I at least try and make it look as correct as possible.
What I have seen recently are folks putting up interviews and articles on their Facebook “fan” pages that are littered with errors, be it layout, spelling, CAPITAL LETTERS in the middle of sentences or just none at all. You know what something like that screams to me? That you don’t care. You can’t care if you post up something so terrible for everyone to see.
I, like many others, work hard to put out something that looks good. I actually care that when someone reads what I write, they see that I have made an effort. It’s jerks that just put up any old rubbish and expect people to take it seriously even when it’s written like a smackhead with a crayon that hinder what I, and others, do.
We write about what we love. But writing with passion doesn’t mean you have to put up one huge paragraph with no full stops and one comma. If you want your writing to be noticed then WRITE LIKE A GROWN UP.
Rant over…for now.