RE: Your Boys


In response to my article called Your Boys, I invited the big cheese over at OSW Chat V and a former guest on OSWtv Meets…, Davin Molloy to share his boys and why he has chosen them. Let’s take a look at what he has put forward.10277939_876685685691203_8252330389526857281_n

John “Bradshaw” Layfield: He became one of my boys the day he put the beer can down and picked up his ballot box. His shameless rip off from icons, like JR Ewing and Ted Dibiase, was awesome and that segment where he stops border jumpers is absolutely hilarious. His title reign is firmly wedged in between Latino Heat’s emotional win over Brock Lesnar and John Cena’s first run as World Champion, so he played a very important part in getting Cena over as a champion at least. Sure most of his matches were never classics but you cant deny he worked hard to change his gimmick from mid-card brawler to Main Event Superstar. He plays the stock market on the weekdays and wins Wrestling Championships on the weekend he’s like a Texan Gordan Gecko with one hell of a clothesline.

Jeff Jarrett: I’ve always been a fan of Jarrett but he truly became one of my boys at the tail end of his WWF run with his “Don’t Piss Me Off” gimmick and smashing guitars over anything that moved. You can only imagine how much I MARKED out in 2000 when he finally held that World Championship he deserved. I will argue till I’m blue in the face that his run in 2000 was on par with The Rocks over in the WWF. And that stupid “he broke so many guitars and didn’t draw a dime”, does my fucking head in like how many pairs of sunglasses did Bret give away? and he didn’t draw a nickel. He was the Chosen One, still is, and now he prepares to start his second federation, GFW, which by all means looks like it will do well. I will watch Spring Stampede and Slamboree 2000 over any WWF PPV from that year or any year and it’s all down to one man and that’s the Chosen One. Even as WCW was dying its last death, Jarrett was still head and shoulders above anything on the roster putting in not one but two shifts a night on TV and PPV. His ladder match with Chris Benoit at Starrcade stands up to any ladder match in pro wrestling, Jarrett the total pro after a stiff Bunkhouse Brawl with Dustin Rhodes comes back out 40 minutes later and goes hell for leather with the stiff Benoit total pro.

Barbarian: If he had of had the look of, the post-Powers of Pain, Warlord complete with face mask and large W stick I’m convinced he could of had a shot at the WWF Champion at that time in a small main event run. He was near 275 pounds and he was using top rope moves in his repertoire which was unheard of at that time. Sure he may have had all the charisma of a wet jockstrap but still he’s my boy.

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