REVIEW: Insane Fight Club 2

Good people of the internet on Wednesday 21st January 2015, 10.35pm to be exact, the world was watching ICW take to the BBC One screens again. After the success of the first documentary, wrestling fans were waiting for the follow up. So, how did it go? Well let me tell you…

Before we get going I’m not going to give you a blow by blow account of every little detail. It is currently on the BBC iPlayer, so watch it there while you can.

The cameras caught up with Mark Dallas, Grado and Jack Jester along with “new kid” Drew Galloway. Taking advantage of having a former WWE star was a masterstroke as it would pull in any stragglers who would’ve recognised him from the TV. Mark is embarking on a tour of England, the Magical Mystery Tour and is trying to come up with ways to advertise the event and get business. Grado, Jester and Dallas hire a motorhome and hit the cities they would be touring.

Grado runs late due to not having any clean clothes, one of the things I noticed in this one is the three “main characters” so to speak, got more of an equal footing. I found Grado got more of a feature in the first documentary. Jack Jester, in particular, got to show more of his personality and a funny side.

Cameos from Jimmy Havoc, Chris Toal and Davey Blaze added great moments. Including Chris Toal being tanned…and tanned…and tanned or hiding in a baby buggy before jumping out to hand out flyers, Jimmy Havoc suggesting to staple flyers to students to get their attention and Blaze…oh Blaze needed 2000 grams of paracetamol after a rough night in Newcastle…

Not everything was positive, the time constraint of an hour was very difficult to get everything in, or letting moments breathe. The last 10/15 minutes was rushing through the Magical Mystery Tour. The time constraint also meant that stories got a little lost, the moment with Drew and Jack talking about Drew’s mother passing didn’t feel like it was given enough time. It makes me want to see a series, as one hour isn’t enough time to tell “the whole fucking story” as Chris Toal would say.

Overall I would recommend watching Insane Fight Club 2, because it’s promoting Scottish wrestling on the BBC, it’s an insightful watch, you will laugh, you will get a bit emotional and you will respect the people behind the characters.