The History of Scottish Wrestling by David Bateman 


David Bateman is a journalist for a Scottish broadcaster and former editor of a Scottish and UK MMA magazine. He is embarking on putting together a book on the faces and heels of Scottish wrestling from WW1 through the ITV World of Sport days to the stars of ICW and the modern era. Take a look at what he has to say.

About This Project

There are so many tales in the history of Scottish professional wrestling that need told, so many characters from the past and present whose careers should be celebrated.

While writing an article on the stars of ICW and wrestling’s revival in Scotland ahead of Insane Fight Club 2, I heard a tonne of amazing stories about the modern day performers.


When I started looking into Highland Games wrestlers in the 1800s, those who headlined at venues like Ibrox Stadium in the early 1900s, and the stars of wrestling on ITV from 1950 onwards, I found more and more fascinating characters and legends of the squared circle.

Here are just a few of the superstars from Scottish wrestling history:

•The Scot who defeated England’s wrestling champion two weeks after receiving the highest military honour in World War One.
•The Scot who was a pioneer of ITV’s World of Sport programme and paved the way for smaller, more technical performers.
•The Scot who helped Vince McMahon Jr build Wrestlemania.
•The Scot(s) who made Big Daddy and Giant Haystacks look good in the ring.
•The Scots who built a local wrestling scene from the ground up in the past 15 years, forming promotions like BCW, SWA, ICW, PWE, PBW, Wrestlezone, W3L and more.
If you would be interested in hearing the untold stories of the faces and heels in the history of Scottish wrestling, buy the book in advance and I’ll do the rest.

A paperback copy will set you back the same amount as a one-month subscription to the WWE Network, £9.99, and that includes delivery.

Risks and Challenges

A good deal of the research has already been completed, with only the modern era really needing work. If you help to fund the project, that will allow me to complete the writing and editing much more quickly, in a matter of months. A copy would be in your hands by August this year at the latest.

I have experience in the perils and pitfalls of the printing process from publishing a Scottish and UK MMA magazine. I’ve made, and learned, from pretty much every mistake you could make in this area…touch wood. I wouldn’t foresee any production delays and I have some funds to cover printing should this campaign not meet all the costs. If you’ve still got any doubts about buying the book, send me your email address and I’ll let you know when the book is published so you can pick up a copy then.

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