Bringing the Anarchy to Aberdeen


Today I found myself going through the WrestleZone roster to see who could be facing their guests for Aberdeen Anarchy on May 23rd; D-Von Dudley, Chris Masters and Hardcore Holly. Here is what I want to see…

*Undisputed Champion Crusher Craib is excluded as the current champion would be facing the Regal Rumble winner.*

Aspen Faith vs Hardcore Holly

WrestleZone die-hards will want to see Hardcore Holly chop the hair off Faith’s chest, after he cheated to beat Len Ironside last year they’ll be wanting to see Faith have his comeuppance. I’d like to see this as Holly can still work and I’d enjoy seeing Faith take him to the mat a little and get Holly out of his comfort zone (of chopping everything). Could be a dark horse for match of the night. For the sake of story Holly could have Len in his corner to cancel out KT Kane in Faiths.

Scotty Swift vs Chris Masters

For the purposes of this Chris Masters would have to be Grade A prick. Which I’m sure is within his range. He’d have to be cocky about the fact that no-one can break the Masterlock especially someone in Aberdeen. Scotty Swift is WrestleZone’s Crimson Hero so would be wanting to take the challenge and show Masters that Aberdonians are as tough as anyone. Swift is a master of getting the crowd behind him so this would be a great story. I can just see women and children crying as Swift fades out to the Masterlock before gaining a second wind. The Beach Ballroom would become unglued if Swift broke the hold.

Blue Thunder, William Sterling and D-Von Dudley vs Damien, Johnny Lions and Zach Dynamite

Now if anyone has been reading my WrestleZone previews/reviews I’ve been begging for Zach Dynamite to turn heel. He has a cocky charisma that is asking to be exploited and it would make sense for him to join Revolution. I choose Thunder Buddies as I’d want The Hotshots to be defending their tag team titles elsewhere on the card. I wouldn’t say no to an assisted 3D through a table onto Dynamite, something a little special for the crowd. Thunder Buddies have grown a lot since their surprise tag team title win in 2013 and they are a multi-layered team between serious wrestling to comedy stuff. It could work, I’d want to see it.

So that’s my suggestions. Who would you want Chris Masters, D-Von Dudley and Hardcore Holly to face at Aberdeen Anarchy?

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