Scottish Wrestling Entertainment – Don’t Call It A Comeback


Since August, Hell for Lycra XI at the Bonar Hall, SWE has went through a rapid change in direction. With a lot of the original SWE roster leaving the company before and after the event, the SWE looked to be in trouble. At the time, the Ardler Complex was no longer a venue due to council cuts and with a depleting roster the fate of SWE could’ve been very different. With no Uprising monthly and few wrestlers for the shows, how would SWE survive?

Fast forward just two months to October, the Ardler Complex was back which meant Uprising was back. With guests Paul London, Brian Kendrick and Leah Von Dutch. A roster that was backed up by many of the Reckless Intent Wrestling talent and a revolving door of SWA wrestlers which all in all sold out the Ardler Complex. This renewed surge in focus has seen SWE pack the Ardler Complex each month since then, with or without imported talent.

A shift in their advertising approach with regular radio promotions on Bell 2 Bell, ticket giveaways through Fighting Spirit Magazine and their partnership with Reckless Intent means they are catering to their audience but at the same time advertising to others that might not be aware of the wrestling that is on their doorstep.

This is all leading to one place on August 29th 2015, Hell for Lycra XII in the famed Caird Hall in Dundee. A venue that holds so much history and has seen the likes of The Beatles, Frank Sinatra and Billy Connolly selling out. Hell for Lycra XI was a sell out but SWE would have double their audience to fill the larger venue, with the resurgence of SWE Uprising and the packed Ardler every month they have a good chance of doing that.

As usual with Hell for Lycra, SWE bring over a couple guests to mark the occasion with previous line ups including Ted Dibiase, Tatanka and Roddy Piper so the company has a lot to live up to. Last year’s bum note of Road Warrior Animal not wrestling in a heavily advertised match will be forgotten if SWE pull out all the stops this year.

With a renewed interest in wrestling across the country, SWE will be taking advantage and will look to ride the wave of momentum to Hell for Lycra.