SWE Uprising Guardians of the Kayfabe 31/01/15 Show Report by Craig Hermit



Before a sell out Ardler Complex in Dundee, SWE kicked off there first show of the year with “Guardians of the Kayfabe”.

Future Division Championship
Scotty Riccio (c) def. Rawlins

Both men began the match with a coller-elbow tie-up, followed up with a   waistlock by Rawlins then countered by Riccio using a headlock, not to be outdone Rawlins trapped the Champion with a headscissors that he managed to escape leading to a stand-off from both men in this fast paced match.

Rawlins was consistently the aggressor throughout the bout, punishing the back of Riccio by throwing him into the guardrail then striking with stiff punches to the back and then trying to get a submission with a bodyscissors.

Rawlins and Riccio began to trade near falls and counter finishers as the match continued, it would be Riccio kicking out of a diving headbutt and Rawlins stopping the modified 619. Both men were doing everything they could to win.

But in the closing of the match, Riccio proved why he is the Future Division Champion. Despite taking heavy punishment from the challenger, he still managed to get the win and even gain new found respect from Rawlins as they shook hands to end a good match.

Felix Fortune def. Bobby Roberts

Prior to this match, there was an altercation between Chaz Phoenix against The Trident, Jam O’Malley, Felix Fortune and Bravehart.

In response to the attack, that he managed to survive and stand tall against the others, Chaz Phoenix declared that Fortune will face Roberts.

Without warning Roberts stormed to the ring, immediately took control, connecting with a takedown and punching Fortune. Then connecting with forearms to the head of a fallen Fortune who looked overwhelmed as he was irish-whipped from turnbuckle to turnbuckle and then devastated with a Roberts splash in the corner.

Fortune fought back and tried to slow the match down using headlock and sideheadlocks.

But despite being overpowered throughout the match, the ever opportunistic Fortune won the match with a rollup while holding the trunks after Roberts injured himself after he ran into the post with his shoulder.

LJT def. Scott Renwick

Both men in this match proved why they are headliners within the SWE and the other companies they represent as well.

From the start they never let each other gain the advantage, from LJT’s highflying skills to Renwick’s ground assault, both contrasting styles told a great story in the ring.

Even with the fans strongly in LJT’s corner, he found it hard to combat the aggressive Renwick as he withstood savage backbreakers, forearms, kicks to the ribs and even being forced to have his body draped on the turnbuckle to withstand a running dropkick.

LJT had to use more than his highflying skills to win as he demonstrated just how well versed his technical skills are and in doing so managed to get the win with a backsuplex cradle to delight the fans.

After the match LJT cut his best promo to date, that concluded with the words,
“If someone pushes you, you push back!
If someone punches you, you punch back!
If someone wants to fight you, you fight back!
I’m gonna start a fire in the SWE!”

Scott Renwick won the 20 Man Battle Royal

After the break, the 20 Man Battle Royal would include a mixture of SWE talent, ranging from wrestlers just starting out to main eventers.

Most notable happenings in a chaotic match was that Bobby Roberts eliminated four men and a double simultaneous dropkick off the top turnbuckle from two members of The Trident that had fans applauding the action.

The final two men remaining were Scott Renwick and LJT. As LJT looked to be in control of the finish it would be
interference from Bravehart that would turn the tide before being hit with a spinning heel kick from LJT. However, the fan favourite was then hit with a stiff clothesline to knock him over the top by Renwick, making Renwick the winner much to the disappointment of crowd.

The Jackal def. Massimo Italiano

From the start, The Jackal couldn’t hope to match strength or size with his opponent as was demonstrated during the first portion of the bout as he tried clotheslines and shoulder-blocks to knock him down with no success.

It wasn’t until after the distraction from his bobyguard outside the ring that The Jackal gained an advantage that allowed him to attack the left leg using leg locks, leg snaps and chopblocks.

However, the sheer power of Massimo continued to show and that would allow him to control the match against the veteran Jackal, that was when the Jackal told his bodyguard to interfere again. As he pretended to be injured and the referee attending to him, the bodyguard struck with a big boot to the face allowing the Jackal to crawl back in the ring for the pinfall victory.

E.G Mackie def. Jam O’Malley by DQ

E.G Mackie appears to be the thorn in Braveharts side as Chaz Phoenix brought him back to SWE once again, this time to face Braveharts henchman, O’Malley.

The match proved to be different to their previous outings, less comic and more storytelling and the bout was alot better for it. O’Malley looked dangerous striking with hard punches and slams after he recovered from the onslaught of being sprayed in the face with green mist and hard chops by Mackie.

The smaller Mackie looked to gain the win several times throughout the match only for O’Malley to show his resilience not to stay down but the match came to an unexpected end when the referee called for DQ after O’Malley hit his opponent with a space hopper.

O’Malley wasn’t finished as he slammed the referee then attacked Mackie with a tricycle to leave a lasting impression and possibly a rematch.

SWE Heavyweight Championship
#Scumbag Ian Ambrose (c) vs Mikey

Ambrose came into the match knowing he had held the SWE Title for one year and seven days. If he defeated his challenger, he would become the fifth longest reigning SWE Heavyweight Champion ever, overtaking Johnny Lion’s title reign.

His challenger, Mikey, who has impressed fans and other wrestlers alike with his matches in SWE and Reckless Intent Wrestling had the chance to end the champion’s control on this night.

In easily the match of the night, champion and challenger demonstrated brilliant action within the squared circle to leave the fans entertained.

As Mikey used his aerial abilities to perform splashes, dropkicks from the top turnbuckle to gain near-falls, but not to be outdone, the champion connected with a double foot stomp off the top turnbuckle.

Both men seemed to play a game of one-upmanship as at different times during the match as Mikey sprung off the ropes to hit a dropkick on a dazed Ambrose who was in the corner and vice versa from Ambrose on Mikey.

But the finale arrived when a teaser from Martyn Stallyon (after technical difficulties) appeared on screen distracting Ambrose almost allowed Mikey to gain the victory but the champion rebounded and hit his finisher to get the win in a fantastic match that had fans completely in doubt of the result.